Black & White dressing table makeover

I picked up this dressing table at a local auction.  It was a special auction because my sister Cindy was visiting from California.  We went to the auction together & enjoyed getting to spend the time together…just the 2 of us!!  It meant a lot to me!

Originally I wasn’t going to do anything to it.  It really was beautiful, but once I was able to take a better look I realized the top had been damaged.

I am not sure why but I find furniture often with big gouges in them.  This was no different.
The top had a deep gouge about 6 inches long in it (you can see a portion of it in the middle part of the top picture).  I tried to repair & just re-stain, but the gouge wasn’t allowing it.  

I love the neutral black & white combo & thought this was the perfect piece for that.

***Warning***  Please excuse the mess of stuff in our basement in the mirror images (fair warning it looks like Sanford & Sons).

I first stained the top of the dresser, the shelf & the frame of the mirror.  I used black gel stain by Old Village. 

I then painted the dresser and the top shelf in an Antique White Chalky paint that I made myself. 
I painted the drawers in duck egg blue.

I think that this piece turned out classy and a truly great piece.  It is on the original caster wheels.  I dropped it at my booth and within less than a couple of weeks it went on to its new home. 

I’ve heard through word of mouth that the new owners are still super happy with the beauty!  That in itself makes my heart sing happy songs.

Much love, peace & happiness


  1. It's beautiful! That would look amazing in any room with just about any color scheme.

  2. Wow! How cute! Great job giving it a new life and new home. :)

  3. Love it.. I have an old dresser in my basement that I want to do something with.. just not sure what yet.

  4. It looks great--so classy! When are we going to an auction?

  5. That is beautiful! I once found an old vanity with mirror at a flea market and I white washed it and put crystal knobs on it. You really have this a modern chic look! Glad the new owners love it! -M

  6. Lynn, as always this is beautiful. Love the black and white combo. Thank you for sharing it with Share It One More Time. Cathy


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