Armadillo Egg Recipe

Do you like bacon and cheese?  

What about spicy?  

Well then I have a really yummy recipe for you....

  Armadillo Eggs!! 

What you are going to need is –

1.       Jalapenos (the bigger the better)
2.       Cheese – can be anything you like… cheddar, pepper jack, American.
3.       Bacon…hmm bacon!
4.       Skewers or toothpicks
5.       Cookie Sheet

Preheat oven on broil. 

Wash your jalapenos and dry them.  Cut the stem end off.

Lay your bacon and cheese out…

I wear gloves for the next steps.  Have you ever handled jalapenos and then wiped your eyes?  I don’t recommend it…unfortunately it took a few times for me to “get it”.

I roll the peppers a little to loosen up the insides (veins & seeds).  This makes it much easier to remove the guts.

I have a grapefruit spoon that I use, but if you don’t have one a knife will work just fine.  You want to cut around the insides moving around the edges & then scooping out the veins as much as possible. 

Once you have all of the peppers insides removed, wash the insides out so you get as much of the seeds out.

Stuff your peppers with cheese.  Again, this can be the cheese of your choice.  We just like cheddar with this recipe. I’ve used shredded cheese, cheese sticks and block cheese.  Cheese sticks and the blocks I just cut to make sure the cheese fits inside the pepper.

Wrap your peppers in the bacon.  I always go over the top of the pepper covering the cheese, but that is just to help hold the cheese inside.

Put the peppers on your skewers or put a toothpick through the pepper.

We have this really cool gadget that we are able to put the peppers in to keep them upright.  I make these often enough it justified making the purchase.  A trick I use to do was to use aluminum foil and rolled the foil to make circles or squiggly lines to stick the peppers in.  The main thing is to keep them upright so the cheese doesn't just run out.

I place them in the oven on broil until I see the bacon is starting to turn…usually between 5 – 7 minutes.  I then turn the oven down to 425 – 450 and bake for about 20 – 30.  Key is to cook the bacon & then they are done.  

Sometimes if I need to hurry through, I will cook the bacon for just a little while during the prep.  I do this just enough so that the bacon is still flexible.

Once they are done, I let them cool for just a few minutes…

Dig in!!

Hope you enjoyed this recipe!!

**If you don’t like really spicy, you can make these with poblano or Italian cooking peppers. 

Much love, peace & happiness

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