Victorian Side Table with a Tuscany Stencil

I picked up this beautiful table at an auction instantly falling in love with its legs (I am a sucker for pretty legs).

As you can see someone had started the process of sanding the top.  And, the sides had some decent dings in it.

But, I loved on her and gave her a new look.

.......I painted the top

Shined her legs up...

....and gave her a coat of wax.

I had taken her to my booth.  But, I kept looking at her not as happy as I wanted to be with her final look.

So..I brought her home.....

And, added some little something to the top!! 
 A touch of Italy!! 

 Italy holds a special place in my heart especially Tuscany. Italy is where I spent my first 2 weeks as a Fern with the love of my life.

A special lady with beautiful legs got herself a taste of Italy.  I hope she finds herself a special home!!

~ Lynn

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