Vanity turned TV Console

I have been working on a few furniture pieces here & there.  I took a bit of a break between the move from one space to the other. Truth be told it's just been too cold to paint in the garage & my basement was jammed packed with my space stuff.

When my dad came to live with us I gave him the wrapping paper dress for his room & that left me with needing something for our TV to go on in the common area upstairs.

I found this cute little table at an auction during the fall....

It came with a pretty mirror that attaches to the back.  But, it was a perfect fit for what I wanted to use it for.  Trust me I will make good use of that lovely mirror.  You can see the little notches on the back where the mirror goes.

As you can see this pretty lady needed a little sprucing up & I had just the right beauty products for her.

I choose to use this piece as our console table because of the drawer space in the middle.  I knew I wanted a space for the cable box.  Have I ever mentioned I really do not like cable boxes (or cords showing for that matter).  I like neatness!

This little space gave me a spot to put the cable box in & it looks just fine. 
I had to make a few adjustments of course!  I took the drawer out, but had to cut a hole in the back for the cables to go through.  Of course this particular piece it had a nice back on her!  It was a solid piece of wood about 1/2 inch thick.

I painted her in DecoArt Inc paint in a color called Timeless. 

I've used this color on a couple of other pieces of furniture and I just love how it looks.  It is true timeless color.  It just goes nicely with just about everything. 

I distressed her a bit & gave her a nice waxing!! I took the knobs from the middle drawer & used them on the side drawers & I love it! 

I hope everyone is staying warm & thawing out a bit. We have another snow storm moving in our way... BOO!  I will say I absolutely love where we live for so many different reasons.  But, this year winter has just kicked us hard this year.  I am ready for spring!!  I have lots of painting to do & I need temps to rise a little...for my paint to dry and for my sanity :)

~ Lynn

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