Fall Home Tour 2013

If this your first visit to Fern Avenue, welcome and I am so very happy you've stopped in.  And, if you've been here before...well I am happy that you have come back for a visit.  Would you like a cup of Pumpkin Spice latte or glass of iced tea?  We are so excited & happy it is fall.

It is our favorite time of year!

I have been super busy getting our home ready for fall.  We are still doing lots of work on the outside so that will come soon.

Until then I hope you will enjoy some changes I've made in time for the fall season.  

Being that we haven't been here a year yet I really feel like I just finished getting moved in, unpacked, decorated for summer and then here I am with some changes.  

Our first floor is an open concept, our living room, dining room and kitchen is all one big open area.  We have big windows throughout the house.

A panoramic view of the open area  

I have spent lots of my time hitting up auctions during the summer.  I've found so many great finds which include the four oak pressed back chairs and the end chairs (there are 5 and you will see a few later in other rooms which then I will give you more details).

The kitchen is where you will most likely find me when I am not creating a craft, painting a piece of furniture, chasing a 5 & 3 year old around...I mean running them to soccer, ballet & such.  I truly enjoy cooking and seeing a scrumptious meal come together that at the end I hear "I am stuffed"!!
I just love my roos!  Oh and flowers...
Our pantry houses all of my red & white china.  I once had it in a corner Hitchcock cabinet, but I've recently decided to part with the cabinet.

Nellie (the cow) keeps watch and lets me know when I have a late night mouse that enters for a midnight snack.  I pretty much get a report each morning!!

We have finally finished updating the guest bedroom suite.  So without further ado -

Looking in from the living area into the guest bathroom.

I just refinished that grey step stool.  When we are downstairs my girls use this bathroom and so they need a stool to reach the sink to wash hands.

A jelly cupboard I won at auction that I am using as storage.  I didn't need to do anything to this lovely.

And, now we enter into the guest bedroom.
The side tables I just refinished.  I still need to add the hardware, but I am waiting on them to be sent.

Here you will see one of the 5 chairs from the kitchen table.  I won them at an auction and they are old!  They have a solid plank seat and they came from an old farmhouse in Pennsylvania.  I just love them!

The picture I also won at an auction.  It was a giant oil on canvas, but had a small slit on the very left side so no one wanted it!  I fell in love and envisioned something along the lines of this.  I found this old window at Habitat Restore for $5.  I cut the wood off the canvas and placed inside this old window by using a staple gun

I won this old armoire (that will one day get a makeover), the old fan, and the bird crock all at different auctions.

 There is one of those awesome chairs :)

Our upstairs is the girls bedrooms, playroom, our master suite and the common area.  The only thing that has any changes is the common area.

The common area is our gathering room.  This is where we come together at the end of the day, read stories, play games/puzzles, watch movies with the girls, cousins hang out..  You will find me sitting at my desk having a cup of coffee, reading emails, surfing the web while the girls are in their playroom.  It's a happy/cozy space for us... we have started making many memories right here!

You might have noticed there was a shutter downstairs that matches the one here.  I scored these beauties for FREE...  I found them on the side of the road and snagged them.  They are in beautiful condition.  I also made the art work hanging next the shutter.  It is The Star Spangled Banner on brown paper that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I found an old piece of wood, decoupaged it and then wiped it with a little gold rub n buff.

The old window above my desk is from my husbands grandparents house from many years ago.

I've updated my gallery wall with a few more family pictures and a few other items.

All of the other rooms upstairs are basically still the same.  You can find them on the Home Tour.

Some of my favorite things are (still).....

Pantry door and Hall Tree
You can read about the hall tree in this blog post and about the pantry in blog post.

The hall tree is where the girls hang their backpacks and jackets....it has come in really handy!

It's first hanging!

Kitchen Island (old picture from original home tour)
Kitchen Island makeover can be found here.  This island was a workbench and was a hunter green color.

Kitchen Table
You can read about the kitchen table in this blog post.

My Jelly Cupboard

My secretary..  My horse picture...  I won the secretary in an auction and I purchased the picture for $5 at a yard sale.

We are still working and finishing up on the outside of the home.  Winter is approaching...so many projects that need to be finalized are in full swing.  I hope by spring I will get to be sharing that with you!

HOME is where is were your story begins... And we are building ours chapter by chapter!

We are truly enjoying our home and I hope you have enjoyed the tour.  

~ The Ferns 


  1. Just wonderful! Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful home!

  2. Luv your home. Luvly all decorated for Fall.

  3. Lynn,
    It is all beautiful. You know I love your pantry door. The table and kitchen island are great! Thanks for the tour...you have a warm and inviting home.

  4. Lynn your home looks so beautiful all decked out for Fall. LOVELY my dear, just lovely!

  5. What a comfortable and stylish home. Only one year and you've already got the place all cozy and lived in feeling.

  6. Everything looks so gorgeous Lynn - I'm in awe of that pantry - and that pantry door - WOW


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