DIY, Fall, and projects & going under the knife...

I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  I've been buzzing around the house gearing up for our guests that will be here next week.

We moved my husbands office out of the guest room....  Know what that meant?  I had to bring in a few things to make it feel homey, comfortable, and's my style and who I am :)

I actually picked up the paint brush a few times this last week and boy did it feel good.  I built...yup..built a small side table.  I will bring that to you next week.

Here is a tiny peek at the side table I did for the guest room.  Actually I did the pair of them!!  Oh now I can't wait to show you the entire room :)  Soon friends...soon!

Here is what it look like before...

This was my inspiration picture for color.  I picked this picture up last year at a yard sale for $10 I believe.

I also worked on a couple of crafts this week as well that included cardboard letters, wrapping paper, modge podge, rub n buff and jute twine :)  and I will bring full posts soon as well...

Another craft with a cool art piece of the star spangled banner from Hobby Lobby and the above items.  

I was also able to drag talk my husband into joining me at an auction.  He didn't catch the auction bug like I have.  I was there for a particular item and actually bought a few more things...not sure how that happened.  I ended up getting this cute little secretary for $10.  Glad I went & stayed :)

It needs some love, but I can't wait to get started on it.  It's super cute and when I am done I am hoping it finds a loving home.

I've pretty much wrapped up decorating for fall.  Last week we were all about fall temps (68, 70, even getting down to the 40s at night waking to 53 in the morning) so it felt right to be decking out the house with fall decor.

Unfortunately for me I have to go under the knife tomorrow morning.  Most of you know that I cut my thumb in February when we moved in.  I had severed my tendon & nicked the bone.  When they do sutures for tendons they have to use permanent sutures so that there is no risk that the sutures dissolve to fast & the tendon can completely heal.  In some cases (mine) the sutures cause issues such as inflammation and more pain.  As of now you can see a blue-ish color that looks like a bruise...that is actually the suture.  It looks like it is trying to break through my skin (they call it spitting out).  My thumb has lots of pain, if you touch it in the right spot it feels like sharp needles running through.  Our hopes were given enough time (6 months) it'd get better.  I have to have the sutures removed so I can have my thumb fully functioning without the pain.  Luckily it is an easy procedure & I will be back to being able to do stuff by Sunday..

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend!!

~ Lynn


  1. First of all, prayers that everything goes well tomorrow. Second, don't you just love auctions. That secretary was well worth waiting for.

  2. Wow - you HAVE been busy - 10.00 for that secretary?
    Talk about a steal - can't wait to see what you do with that beauty -
    Love that first grey table !
    Have a wonderful weekend -

  3. Hoping everything went well for you today. I can not believe you got the secretary for 10 dollars?!! Oh how I would like to accompany you to find treasures like that. Love the letters and the painted table is gorgeous! Speedy healing.

  4. You were very productive this week. Nothing gets me more motivated to decorate than having company come to stay. My parents come in a couple of few weeks. :)


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