Back to school...

I have felt so out of the loop over the last couple of weeks.  I haven't painted one single piece of furniture.  I've been behind on my blog reading and blog writing..(sorry guys...I miss you all). 

We've been working on the outside of the house with the big project being trying to get our my husband's (it's the size of a mini this will be his "dog" house when he's in trouble...J/K) shed finished!  We need to store the lawnmower, 4 wheeler and other outside stuff in it along with some of my furniture finds.  After it is winterized we can start moving some of the things from the basement into the shed.  Much has had to be done outside before winter moves in, and it seems like it might be here quick this year. 

Much more has been completed since this picture.  We have a roof, windows and the door is built.

This will then lead to my husband finally getting to finish his office in the basement, which then I will get to set up my craft room in our spare room. 

All of the above has created the need to finally go through bin after bin of clothes that were given to the girls over the last going through all of their clothes in their room.  My girls really grew this year & so we are getting rid of FIVE big garbage bags of clothes & shoes.  I was beyond surprised, but my 3 year old went from a size 3T to 5T (4Ts in pants).  She & her 5 year old sister share most clothes now :)

We have had soccer camp, soccer practice, birthday parties to celebrate one which included going to build a bear workshop. 

The birthday boy & kids

Katie and Twilight

Gosh I need this build a bear pro at my house...she worked her magic & put all these kids right to sleep :)

We didn't get to take a real vacation this year with all of the work that needed to be completed outside.  We did sneak off to take the girls to Hershey Park for a full day.  It was a great day!  The girls rode rides, played in the water at the water park, went to the zoo, had fair food and stayed up 2 nights in row past midnight!!  Let's just say many rules were broken...which isn't that what vacations are all about?!?  We spent almost 10 hours at the park...and then made the 3 hour drive home (well it took a little longer due to a construction zone where there were only 2 guys working at midnight on about 10 miles but the entire 10 miles was one frustrating when you are tired & just want to be home).  

My lil kiss

My reese's peanut butter cup

Little sister wanted nothing to do with Mr. Hershey!

But oh my did she love the Lady Bug ride!

We are also having house guests at the end of September into the first of October!  My sister from California is coming out to visit with her husband for the first time.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited this makes me feel!!! 

My 3 year old started back to pre-school on Tuesday, so Katie & I slipped off to do a little shopping. 

I found this cool mat at Hobby Lobby for in front of the kitchen sink!   Isn't it lovely.

Little miss found her knight in shining armor!!  She kept asking me if he was real! 

School is starting Friday for my little Kindergartener!!   EEEKKKKKK....  But, I am ready....ready to get back into the swing of things.  We had our meet & greet the teacher today.

Life has been a bit on the busy side, but summer is coming to halt & tomorrow is my last full day with these 2 at home with me this summer!  I have lots of crafty and furniture ideas.  I can't wait to get back to regular blogging, but a big part of me is going to miss the hugs all day, the fighting with each other, the kisses for no reason, the whining, the "I love you so much mommy"'s just what we are all about!  But...onto another chapter in this journey of our life!

Until then -

Much love, peace & happiness



  1. Oh how precious Lynn! I wish so much my kids were little again, you have no idea. Every precious moment and words they utter I just cherish.Now, well yes, I still do, but my boys have smells, and attitudes now LOL!~


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