Life happenings, more auction finds & an awesome estate sale!

I've been missing from blogland and I sincerely apologize.  We've had lots going on around the Fern house.  School will be starting soon and this is our first year....  My oldest is headed to kindergarten.  It is bittersweet.  While I still have one baby left, I just can't believe this funny, loving, smart, witty baby girl is starting school.  Time flies...

Now this is my big girl that I couldn't be more proud of...

We've been school shopping, gearing up for soccer with soccer camp, going through clothes (which she loves to do), taking road trips to Hershey Park.  We are soaking up the last bit of time before we send her off to learn.  I get a couple of days with her all to myself while baby sister starts pre-school for a few days prior to the other schools starting.  We will be hitting up the nail salon, having lunch together and most likely Hobby Lobby!!

I have squeezed in some auctions and estate sales in the meantime.  If you follow me on facebook you have seen a few of my teaser pictures.

I hit up an auction I've only been to once before... I hit the jackpot.  And, now question why I've only been once before.  That my friends is going to change!

I ended up filling my van full....

The back

My passenger seat
I ended up going back the following day to pick up the last 4 items...

Overall an awesome auction...

The hardware on the mahogany I scored for $10

I also got this other dresser for $10
I then caught site of an estate sale literally 2 minutes from our house.  The pictures in the ad had my wheels turning all night long.  The ad said 9 - 4 and I realized on Saturday morning that it didn't mention "NO EARLY BIRDS" so I made a mad dash out of the house at 8:37 and sure enough there was probably a good 20ish people already there...

I would say they had about 7 or 8 long tables set up with all sorts of china, depression glass, cut glass, silver.  There was vintage Pyrex, cosco stools, vintage aprons, vintage clothes, hat boxes, furniture, etc.  The list could go on.  I spent over an hour there...  I also ran into some really nice ladies from West Point (hi Brandie if you are reading this... I enjoyed meeting you gals).  They share my love for all things vintage.

My haul...

Set of 3 Amish Butter Pattern... Perfect condition!!

I actually grabbed these for my girls.  I will clean them up and then they will be at our island!

Oh I'd love to be hanging onto some of this but I must move it on... Isn't it gorgeous?

All the #s are there :)

I've also been a tiny bit busy with getting things cleaned up and marked and taken over to the booth.

I am now gearing up for fall.  I have started decorating so will hopefully be bringing some new "home" photos to you soon.

I would like to say "I promise not to be absent for as long", but until school has officially started I just can't.  I can say I miss you guys wholeheartedly!!

With much love, peace & happiness...

~ Lynn


  1. THAT'S IT, YOUNG LADY! I am moving to NY!

  2. Lynn - great finds!! I am so jealous about those Nana had one when I was growing up and I can remember sitting on it at her table...

  3. Oh wow Lynn. You scored!!! So many pretties.
    Happy Holiday weekend.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. You really found a lot of wonderful items. Lucky girl - I know you are chomping at the bit to get started on some of those items. Have fun working on them and hope to see the finished look.

  5. Lynn,

    Love the hardware on the mahogany piece. Fridge boxes are so great...and oooo the Pyrex nesting bowls. So hard to find the complete sets anymore.

    You loading pics look so familiar. Auctions are so fun and addicting. I have been working too much to be able to get to one...hopefully soon.

    Look forward to seeing the afters on so many great finds of yours!


    1. Thanks Beth!! Oh my goodness I can't even tell you how addicting auctions are. I love them...too much! :) Once school is back in session (Friday) I will be starting back on my furniture...and I can't wait!


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