Outside work and some exciting news...

It has been so very hot here the last couple of days and it appears to be sticking around.

The guys are here working on the outside and I just feel bad for them.  Lucky they are setting the pavers under the deck so there is at least some shade.  My hubby even plugged in one of our mini fridges for them where they are working to keep bottle water cold.

Hydration is so very important...we do not need anyone going down with a heat stroke!

They started in the morning.  There was a large load of stone that needed to be spread and leveled.  We really thought this would take up most of the day, but these guys were moving, and started laying the pavers.

We will be bringing the stone on the house completely down but needed to have the pavers set first.  

I can't wait to have this complete so we can start using it.  There will be many soccer, football and baseball games watched out here :)  

It really is fun to watch it all come together.  It's amazing how much has happened and changed in just a little over year.  

So...did you read the above or were you scrolling down to catch the exciting news??

We are super excited that I will be opening a booth to start selling my furniture.  I can't even tell you the feelings I have....excited, nervous, happy, scared...  I love the place where I will be and had visited there many times before I even thought about doing this. 

There is lots of planning to be going into this and it is happening all really fast.  There might be some lull time here while I am trying to get some things finalized.  

My amazing supportive husband...no way could I be doing this without him. He is business savvy and is really helping to give me that nudge to make it!!  

But, this only means good things to come for the blog as well....  now I will be sharing lots more with you!!  I am also going to make sure I do more of before & afters with how I achieved the final product.  

Once we are set and things become more final, I will share all the details - where, when, name, etc.  I hope will join me on this new & exciting journey.  You - my readers that commented, asked questions, gave me high fives...well you are the ones that pushed me and built the courage for me to take this step.  So you are a big part of this with me :)

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I know how excited you must be for your patio to be finished!! It looks great so far!!! I'm so excited for you to be opening your own booth! Great things are in your future, girlie.....go for it!!~~Ang

    1. You are the best and I am not sure if I could ever explain how grateful I am that we connected. You are great support and means the world to me :)

  2. Love the pavers, it's going to be gorgeous!
    Best wishes to you on your new venture, I wish you much success!

    1. Thank you Patti!! It has come along way just since my post yesterday. It's amazing how quickly it is moving.


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