Keeping it real yo...

If you've been following along on Facebook and a few blog post you know I am opening a space in an Antique Mall.  I am super excited and just downright nervous.  Let me explain...

this my friends is where it gets real...

Goodness not even sure where to go with this.  Let's just be upfront.  I have never been one to have this attitude of "oh I am good & I know it".  I tend to doubt myself.  Oh put me in the corporate world sitting at a computer, going to board meetings, putting in trade tickets for a new hedge fund investment all while wearing a suit and heels....

no doubts...

Having a talent...

big doubts...

Not sure why or where it comes from, but as I've entered into the blogging world and have seen the talent of many DIYers well lets just say I stumble in my thoughts of "you got this girl".

All my life I've struggled with that confidence in one area or another.  I have often heard "you are talented" and it took every ounce of me to believe it.  Not that I thought the person was lying...I just didn't believe in myself. There are reasons that point back to it, I am actually seeing a counselor, for this and other life things that I am not quite ready to dive into just yet.  One day...

This is the thing.... I am working through it and it feels good.  But, I also recognize that my readers and followers have unknowingly helped...  If I didn't share my goods here, how would you ever be able to tell me you like what you see??

I never knew I could paint...  I just picked up a paint brush and transformed a couple of pieces of furniture one day.  And, then I just kept going.  I lost all of those pieces in the fire, no pictures of my first creations.  I didn't think to take a picture honestly.  I didn't have a blog and wasn't even following any blogs that showed off furniture makeovers or crafting...  Can you believe that?  Just over a year ago..nothing!

Painting comes natural to me.  I love to take a paint brush in hand and with each stroke watch a transformation take place.  It has given me a place to let my stresses flow out.  It is work but it is a work that I love.

I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I'd be setting up space somewhere.  I have dreams and visions and I hope that they will come to reality.

It is you, my readers & followers that gave me that nudge each time I showed you a makeover.  Each time you said "wow that is fantastic" was the little voice that consistently poked me in the side that said "you got this girl"... Own it!!

If you love to paint...keep going.  Make it your own.  Love it and embrace it.  Ask questions if you are not sure.  And, remember it's only paint, if you don't like it, it can always be repainted :)



  1. Lynn - everyone gets the jitters every once in normal to have doubts - but girl - you are A ROCKSTAR!! You work amazes me and gets me wanting to paint...have you ever heard of a DIY blogger that doesn't paint furniture??? - That's me!! Haven't even ventured into it..why? - because I'm too critical of my own work...Your work is amazing and you're going to rock this new endeavour!!!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. I believe everyone has the same doubts you are experiencing....I know I do! You're right that the key is believing in ourselves. If we look around, we will always find someone we think is better at something and we can also find someone who is not better, in our opinion. Try not to compare and just have fun! I, for one, truly believe in you and I'm sure there are many more!

    You got this girl!!! :)

    love ya! Ang

  3. What a great post, Lynn. I am so proud of go girl! This blog is proof of your talent. I wish you every success and am sure your space will be fabulous!

  4. I'm a fellow restorer keeping it real and wanted to show some love. YOU GOT THIS and even though I don't know you, i'm proud. Opening up a shop is wonderful and I wish you the best!! Catch ya on the flip side. :) - Liz


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