It's My Party and I'll....

NOT cry!!  It was a birthday celebration I don't think any one person could've predicted.

If you did not know... I was born and raised in Texas.  I moved to New York almost 11 years ago. And, while I love being in NY there are just some things you can't take out of this Texas girl...  BBQ being one of them :)

We have a fantastic BBQ place in the area.  It sits right on the Hudson River and has outdoor area that is just awesome.  It is a rather large restaurant.

My new saw from my family!! I was so excited and feel loved :)

So...a couple of nights ago my husband asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday.  My brother in law mentioned going down to Billy Joe's Ribworks and sitting out on the patio area.  Great idea... Laid back, low key birthday with my family!!

Guess what...  It was storming before we left to go.... A nice big downpour!  UGH.  But, they have a wonderful covered area where you still feel like you are outdoors.  Luckily for us it never rained while we were there...although it threatened us.  The night actually turned out to be perfect!

We were expecting low key......

kick back, relax, eat, drink and be merry...

My BIL & SIL...
Little did we know (or even fathom) that on a Tuesday night the place would packed and hopping.

There was the local radio station there having a contest to win t-shirts, koozies, etc and a chance to win Dierks Bently tickets.  I will be honest here... I am not a country music fan. I know I've heard it all before - "what you are from Texas".  Some I can handle just not much of it.  But, I did play the matching game and won a t-shirt :)

They had a DJ from the radio station playing music for the line dancers starting at 8 p.m.  What?  Line dancers? People this was a classic CMT (Country Music Television) moment!!!

After dinner a few of our group had to leave.  A few of us hung back and headed out to the outdoor bar area to watch the line dancers.

One of my favorite sister in law
Now hold on to your ponies... this is where the night took on a whole new level of BEST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION EVER...

The DJ asked everyone to clear off the dance floor and wanted to know if us ladies wanted to be entertained. Well now what kind of question is that?  What we thought was just a few young men doing a dance for us...


It turned into this -

I looked up and saw shirts twirling in the air being held up by these guys.... 

What does a girl do, but snap a few cell phone photos!!

Ummm....Yup it happened ladies!!  I don't even know what to say...  Classic and probably one of the best birthdays...

Fun times were had by all!  I am one lucky girl with a family that is beyond amazing!!

**sorry for the quality of photos...cell phone pictures!!



  1. Yee Haw!!!!! Looks like it was a blast!!!! Happy Birthday, again! Glad it was a great day!!~~ang

  2. That is awesome! Did you get the Full Monty? I would have loved to have seen that!

    Happy Birthday!



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