Going...Going...Gone and sold to...

Bidder #238!

If you follow me on facebook you will know I find my way to auctions on the regular.

It is a great place to watch some interesting items go through.  I've learned a lot about different antiques and have watched them go at all price ranges.

I recently attended an auction that I watched 2 different grand pianos (Steinway and Decker Bros.) go for $60 and $100.  They were both stunning pianos and both sounded beautiful.  They were square pianos and I have heard they don't have the same sound quality, but nonetheless those prices are amazing.

I also let a couple of nice furniture pieces go through for $25 each.  One was a French Provincial 6 drawer dresser (tall) and the other was its mate a 9 drawer long dresser...both mint condition and stunning.  I wasn't ready for large pieces, but I am kicking myself now.

Saturday morning I got up early and went to an auction of a home that the owners have been there 40+ years.  They are selling the home and moving South.  They don't want to move the antiques.

The property had 2 smaller barns and 2 larger barns.  We were not allowed inside, but I can't wait to see it on the market.  It sat on a beautiful piece of land.

This is aerial shot of the property...  They had put an addition onto the house and when they were working they found 2 really old knives in the walls.  They auctioned them off and for the life of me can't remember but they went for some good money.

When I first got there they were starting the auction at each of the barns.  Each barn had contents that had tons of old dusty stuff in them.  I purchased 2 old rocking chairs, an old picture and a piano stool.  I will be showing them to you very soon.

After the barns were completed everyone moved over to the front under the tents and the contents of the home were auctioned off...

It was a big auction with many antiques from all over and some included these amazing primitive cupboards from the Hudson Valley.

There was lots of stunning Victorian furniture as well...

The auction offered a lot of historical and fun finds.  This auction was a bit rich for my blood though.  I watched some pretty amazing pieces go through for thousands of dollars.


This rare Dutch Kas went for thousands and sold to a phone bidder in Missouri.  I never knew that this was called a Kas...learned something new!!

Kas - (in the Netherlands and in Dutch colonies) a large cabinet of the 17th and 18th centuries, having two doors and often a number of drawers at the bottom, and usually having an elaborately painted or carved decoration with a heavy cornice.

Overall it really was a fun day.  It was a bring your own chair and enjoy good food while possibly coming home with a treasure.  

Unfortunately I only came home with the items I listed above, a sled and an oak office chair.  



  1. Wow! That would have been amazing to experience! Can you imagine having all that stuff in your house! ~~Ang

  2. I LOVE that house!!! It must list for a zillion dollars.
    We can't go to auctions up your way--too many dealers with money. It's even hard here in NC, unless we go to the eastern part of the state.

  3. It's probably just as well stuff went for too much, otherwise you would either come home with too much or feel bad you didn't like those two pianos. And are we not all waiting for a sideboard reveal????

  4. Just to get to attend and see everything would be a real treat! I love that sort of thing. You really do well to and find the best stuff!!


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