First Piece for my Booth

I have a few items ready for the booth, but I have a couple of bigger furniture pieces that I needed to start on.

My first item that I knew right away was going in my new space.... is this beautiful side buffet table.

I purchased this sweetie from Habitat ReStore sometime around December.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with her.  But, I knew she'd be a fun one!

It's hard to see here but the top is damaged and the veneer was pulling up.

With stunning details in the legs and the doors.

I instantly feel head over heals for her!

You didn't think I was going to let you see the final product yet did ya!?!  Truth be told she's not completely finished.  That top gave me a bit of trouble and so it took a little longer than needed.

But, she'll be back soon with a full detail of colors and finishing products.

~ Lynn


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    1. Thank you! I can't wait to have it completely finished...

  2. Lynn - I have one of these very similar and it has a high gloss finish - do you strip or sand yours before you paint them??

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG


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