Building a Hall Tree from an old estate sale dresser & Habitat door

I thought I would show you the step by step of the hall tree that I built from using an old dresser & door I picked up for Habitat ReStore!!

One night I was dead asleep & out of nowhere my eyes popped open & my mind went to overdrive.  I just had to build a hall tree.  What?  Where did that even come from?  Don't have a clue.  I had never in my life even thought about owning a hall tree, much less the need for one at the moment.  My head obviously was telling me different. As soon as I thought it, inspiration was already swirling around in my head.

I knew exactly which pieces of furniture I had in my basement & garage that I would use.  And, so building the hall tree from things I already owned commenced the very next morning!

This is what I started with -

I bought this ugly little dresser at an estate sale for $5.  It smelled disgusting and, it needed lots of help cleaning up wise along with a fresh paint job.  Even the top keyhole was all gunked up...ewww!

When I pulled this thing out of my van, my husband was a tad annoyed I even brought this thing home!  It really was that gross!

However I saw the potential she had from the moment I laid eyes on her plus she was $5.  I knew with a little elbow grease she'd be alive again.


The next thing I had was this door.. It's the only before picture I have, but the minute I saw it at the Habitat ReStore I knew I had to bring it home!  It's the one inside with those super cool looking windows.


Are you seeing my vision for a hall tree?  Wondering just how I built it & put it all together?  Keep reading because seriously this is really one of the easiest builds.


The first thing I did was I cut the legs down on the dress to make it sitting height that was comfortable.  We cut the legs down 5 1/2 inches to make it bench height.  It was perfect!

I then cleaned the dresser thoroughly & sanded it a bit.  I used TSP to lift some of the gunk off of it, and a water/vinegar mix with a squeeze of lemon to help remove the smell, and sat in the sun for a few hours.  I then sanded just enough to scuff up to let the paint adhere.  I also removed the hardware, filled the holes using wood filler. I would be changing the hardware to match the updated look I would be making.

I also cleaned & scuffed up the door prior to painting.  The door was in great shape so there was no need to do much more to it.

I then painted both the door & dresser with Maison Blanche Mardi Gras.



I put two coats of paint on each.  The paint is smooth & goes on nicely, and it dries fairly quick.  I lightly sanded with a 150 grit paper in between coats just to create a smooth surface.

Once it was dry I used Maison Blanche dark antique wax to achieve a nice aged look.  I then buffed it out.

I let everything sit overnight just to ensure I had a nice coverage & to let it fully dry.

The next morning I laid the door down flat and attached the dresser to it.  I lined up the dresser and measured each side to have the dresser sit center of the door.  I then attached from inside of the dresser by drilling 4 2 1/2 inch screws into the door.

I added some hooks for coats, umbrellas, hats, etc.  I hung a couple of lanterns in the meantime since we hadn't pulled coats out just yet.


And...this was my result.  We love how it turned out and have had many compliments on it!!


From a gunky, nasty smelling dresser and a random door sitting at ReStore to a beautiful functional hall tree.  I bet both the dresser & the door could tell quite the stories.

The hall tree has moved on to live in California with a new family!

I hope you enjoyed and this gives you some inspiration!!

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  1. Totally deserved girl! Congrats.

  2. I was so excited that you won! Again, you know I think you are a complete sweetheart and so deserving of some good things coming your way! I hope many, many more are on the way! Congratulations.

    1. Oh Shannon you are super sweet...thank you!!

  3. This is adorable! Love the use of the old door! I am a huge fan of using old doors and this is wonderful. Pinning and sharing! Visiting from

  4. Smart!! You're really good at this door transformation business. I have one that could use your handy work.

    Thanks so much for sharing at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We are thrilled to have you. Pinning. :)


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