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I was inundated with emails on Monday going into Tuesday about the name change of Carolina Farmhouse to Cecil Mack Co.  There are some pretty angry customers out there and pretty much every single one of you that contacted me had the exact same comments - They shouldn't be able to hide under another name and run from their broken promises and making shoddy furniture. 

As of today we have answers to a some of the questions you had asked.  The attorney is still working on the other questions that were asked.  The attorney for Carolina Farmhouse/Cecil Mack Co. has answered the questions for you.  You can also find a link on their attorney's website with the information as well found HERE.  At the bottom of the questions you will find a link to take you to the answers to the questions.


The list of questions asked were (some may have been changed to better represent the question):

1.      If Carolina Farmhouse has no money, how are they going to provide refunds?

2.      Also, will they be issuing refunds in order of purchase dates?

3.      How long do I have to wait to receive my refund?

4.      How many customers are currently on the refund list?

5.      How many customers are on the store credit list?

6.      How many customers are still waiting for the furniture to be made, and how long have they been waiting?

7.      How many employees do they have?

8.      Is Carolina Farmhouse planning to file bankruptcy?

9.      What happens to my money if Carolina Farmhouse files bankruptcy?

10.  If Carolina Farmhouse files bankruptcy, do they plan to open another furniture making business?

11.  What legal obligations is Carolina Farmhouse under?

12.  Is Carolina Farmhouse still taking orders?  If so, what is the lead time for previously ordered furniture?  What is the lead time for newly placed orders?

13.  How is Carolina Farmhouse communicating to new customers there is a lengthy lead time?

14.  What is Carolina Farmhouse doing to become better at customer service/customer interface?

15.   Who is handling customer inquiries?

16.   What role does Kelly have in Carolina Farmhouse?

17.  What role does Dan have in Carolina Farmhouse?

18.  What role does Sam have in Carolina Farmhouse?

19.  Can Carolina Farmhouse lose any privileges of owning/operating another business in North Carolina?

20.  What type of protection does the customer have now that Carolina Farmhouse has their money?

21.   If this is the livelihood of Sam, Kelly & Dan, how is their home and cars protected from being seized as an asset should they not be able to refund the existing customers?

22.  How are they paying their bills if they have no money and no new business?

23.   It appears that Carolina Farmhouse changed their name to Cecil Mack.  Why did Carolina Farmhouse make the name change?

24.   What legal obligations is Carolina Farmhouse under now that they’ve made the name change?

25.   What legal obligations is Cecil Mack now under since it was once Carolina Farmhouse?

26.   What roles do Kelly, Sam & Dan now have in Cecil Mack?

27.   Now that they’ve made the name change to Cecil Mack, is Carolina Farmhouse filing bankruptcy?

28.   Now that Carolina Farmhouse has changed their name to Cecil Mack, how is the business formed?  Is it a sole proprietorship, LLC, S Corp, or partnership?  How was Carolina Farmhouse formed?

29.    If I ordered and received my furniture, and it is now showing poor quality such as warped boards, cracks between boards, or splinters coming through, what are my options?  Do I get a refund or will someone be fixing my furniture?  If someone is going to be fixing my furniture, what kind of a timeframe am I looking at for it to be completed?

30.   When will CF start to pay back customers?

31.   Do they have a start date?

32.    Are they going to wait until they have so much money in the bank or when they feel like they have all their needs taken care of?

33.   How do we know they are actually paying people back and will we be able to see and verify that people are indeed being refunded? And I would like some time frame.

34.   Why am I not being offered one of the ready-made tables?  I’ve offered to take one that has been posted for sale at an extreme discount and would have been happy to have it.


In regards to the name change from Carolina Farmhouse to Cecil Mack Co. CLICK HERE!

FAQs for Carolina Farmhouse CLICK HERE!
Happy weekend everyone!! 








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