The Liebster Award!!

I am not sure if I can describe the feeling I have for being nominated by Angela at Twelve Oaks Manor for the Liebster Blog award!!!  I just absolutely adore Angela.  Funny how you meet people from where you were from after you have left and you just connect.  Thank you for nominating me Angela…I love ya girl!!  If you haven't already visited her blog...well you should!

Now that I've been nominated I get to nominate other small bloggers in return J
...just a few simple rules to pass on  the love to other bloggers.
1.  Write 11 facts about yourself!
2.  Answer the 11 questions the nominator asked you!
3.  Nominate other blogs!
4.  Give 11 questions to your nominees!

ELEVEN…11 facts about Lynn

  1. I was a rodeo queen in High School and  I trained rodeo horses – specifically barrel racing and pole bending horses. 
  2. I love beer... Michelads are one my favorites...Yummy!  
  3. I have always been very drawn to the arts (I am extremely moved by it) – dancing, theater, music but have never given myself a chance to perform or learn to perform.
  4. My IPod has a playlist that includes a wide variety of music - One Republic, Fall Out Boys, David Guetta, all sorts of Hip Hop really, Irish, Aretha Franklin, Tribal music, The Samples, Young the Giant, 80s hair bands, Enya, Beatles, Dylan, Selena Gomez, Santana, and I love me some PitBull, Eminem.... even a little..just a little Snoop Dogg.  And, extremely very little country..I know what’s up with that!  
  5. I love and I mean LOVE chocolate chip cookie dough….probably a little too much!
  6. I love to cook and bake all kinds of food, but especially Mexican food all from scratch…this is how I caught my husband…hook, line and sinker.  He’s been sweating me ever since  ;)
  7. I moved to New York from Texas in 2002 and have never felt more at home. 
  8. I was in the financial industry prior to becoming a stay at home mom.  I’ve sat in some pretty big board meetings in my day…
  9. I love to dance…sometimes when I am painting and one of my favorite songs come on…I bust a move.  I am not even sure my husband knows this since I only do this when no one is around.
  10. I can’t sit still for very long.  I got lots to do, or maybe I create lots to do for myself. 
  11. My all-time favorite quote is The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams Eleanor Roosevelt 
Extra credit – I am overly shy at first but once I am warmed can’t shut me up J

Now onto the questions Angela asked... 
1.  Why did you decide to become a blogger? To start a journal to keep track of our journey from the fire.  I think going through the devastation and writing about it helped me understand my thoughts more.   
2.  What’s your favorite holiday?  Thanksgiving because it is the day that we give Thanks for everything and it is the day that starts off the Christmas season!!
3.  High heels or flats? I paint in high heels… What? You don’t?  Seriously I love both depending on the occasion.
4.  What was your favorite cartoon growing up?  Wile E. Coyote  and the Roadrunner…beep beep!
5.  Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.  I have a hard time remembering to tweet.
6.  Who do you admire the most?  2 people that I admire daily – My Grandma Brewer (dad’s mom)…she did an amazing job raising her children to be caring, giving, and loving without condition.  All of her children turned out amazing… She set a wonderful example that I could only wish to be half the woman she was! She also learned her ABC’s from reading the Bible..self-taught which is pretty impressive to me.  And, my husband – he’s an awesome father that has loved his wife and 2 girls unconditionally.  He has been a rock for me to hang onto so I wouldn’t drown through the times that most would have wavered just a little…he's kept me strong and able to continue on. 
7.  What do you love about blogging?  The connections that I’ve made and the inspiration from so many others.  I’ve come to realize that there is an amazing group of bloggers that band together!! 
8.  What do you dislike about blogging?  The time it takes… it can become a full time job some days. 
9.  Favorite movie of all time?  Just one?  Ugh that’s hard.  How about 2?  Yes? ..ok.  Tombstone and Boondock Saints. 
10.  Your top 3 favorite big name bloggers?  Unfair question because I love so many…  I do love Miss Mustard Seed, Thistlewood Farms, David Bromstads blog.  I am only stopping at these 3 because I went past every other limits above…but I don’t know if I have only 3 top bloggers. I've typed, deleted, retyped....  Does this make me indecisive?   
11.  Wasn’t this fun? Yes..I loved it!!  
Now…my turn to ask the questions!!

1.                   Favorite book?
2.                   Your favorite post on your own blog?
3.                   Your favorite post on another person’s blog?
4.                   What is a pet peeve of yours?
5.                   Most desired travel destination?
6.                   If you were stranded on an island, what is the one thing you must have?
7.                   What is the one skill/talent you wish you had?
8.                  What is your favorite kind of food?
9.                   If you could be anyone for the day, who would it be?
10.               If you had one supernatural ability, what would it be?
11.                What 4 words best describe you?

My nominated blogs are –



  1. I love your answers!!! You don't like country music???!!! You're from Texas, girl!! LOL!! That's're redeemed with your mexican food!!! LOL!! Thank you for the sweet words!! I love ya to the moon and back! :)

    1. LOL...there are exceptions like I love George Strait and Willie, but just the everyday country..nah can't take it :) Aww and you know that is my saying to my girls every single night when I tuck them in "love you to the moon and back!"...right back at ya!!

  2. Lynn - thanks so much for the nomination!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG


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