Gossip (Telephone) Chair makeover

It's almost Friday...whew!!  Oh and on Friday I have a big surprise to reveal...I simply can't wait.  I am beyond nervous but EXCITED!  Can you wait?

I hope so...because I can barely contain myself :)

I purchased this little gossip chair at one of my local favorite shops.  I have always called them telephone chairs, and I have always wanted one. It's been there for a long...long time.  The shop mascot....a cat found this to be a pretty comfy place to park itself.

This is the only before picture I took.  I forgot ya'll.

But, I think she turned out just lovely.

I painted it Mardi Gras by Maison Blanche and then I decoupaged the post card paper on the side.  I then used antique dark wax by Maison Blanche.

I don't like our phone out to be seen.  So I hide it behind the picture... That's me and my daddy on my wedding day :)

The cushion was covered in an old burgundy fabric and was covered with dust and cat hair...  This is temporary because I want to add a little more cushion to it and find a specific fabric...but haven't found exactly what I am looking for.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  And, I hope to see you come by tomorrow :)

~ Lynn


  1. This is darling!!! Great job! I've seen them labeled both phone chair and gossip chair!!! Can't wait to hear your news!!!~~Angela

    1. Thank you ma'am!! I can't wait to share with you :)

  2. I love it! I have seen a few phone chair/gossip chairs lately. No one can hold a candle to yours. Love love love the postcards. I am sure it will look so adorable in your home!

    :) Beth

    1. Beth..thank you that is incredibly sweet of you.

  3. Hi, Lynn

    This piece looks great and love the post card idea.



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