Thrift Shopping, Flea Markets & Antique Stores

I love finding a good bargain!  I am cheap frugal as many would say.  I love to shop that is no doubt, but I love the thrill of tracking down and hunting for my next bargain.

I am known to jump in the car and venture off to thrift stores, junkyards, antique shops, flea markets etc.  There is nothing like getting up early, grabbing my coffee and hitting the road.  I have no problems whipping a quick u-ie (is that a word...don't think so) just to get to that consignment shop I just past going 70.  I plan out day trips that may mean driving almost 3 hours to a place I know offers some goodies.

Over the last few weeks I have hit a few of my favorite spots.  We have hit springtime around here, which means some of my frequents have opened back up.

Want to see some of my new finds?

I am slightly in love with Roos.  I once had many more and I was teased. This was way before I had stepped into blogland, and was young, single & loved decorating :)

I recently set up my new little coffee bar/station and I am loving it.  

Anywho, this Roo came from a recently discovered dealer antique center.  I had found one recently for $12.00 and this guy let me walk away with this beauty for $5.00.  Lucky Roo got to come home with me!!

I found this scale at a flea market and I just love it.  I've never seen the copper ones. jumped in my arms and I couldn't let go.  Actually I was holding it, inspecting it and I had some lady breathing down my neck dying for me to put it down... No shot!  The man literally gave it to me...seriously I handed him my money & ran.

And, then this cool ladder.  This came from one of my absolute favorite barn sales.  The lady that owns the place is super nice.  She is always up to bargain with you.  She closes in the winter because the barn is gigantic and it would cost a fortune to heat.  It is filled full of junk, antiques, and vintage goodies.  I always walk away with some little something from there.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


  1. I'm looking to see more of that bakery sign.


    1. Bliss... That is a Hobby Lobby find. I do make signs, but this was on the clearance isle for $10.00. I loved and just couldn't pass it up.

  2. Love all you thrifty finds! Your house looks Beautiful! I'm now a follower!

    1. Thank you Lorrie. My maiden name is Brewer :)


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