Another victim of Carolina Farmhouse

I have another post I am working on with some of my thrift finds and a project I completed for those that follow my blog for other things...Sorry guys..

But, I need to help to get the word out.  We are still working on trying to recover our money from Carolina Farmhouse.  I am getting lots of feedback & emails that are coming in from others that have been a victim of Carolina Farmhouse. 

Another one... Paid in full by debit last September, still no furniture nor have they received a refund.  It has been 9 months.  And, because like us they paid by debit there is no way to do a chargeback. 

Here is the information I have provided & I hope this helps. 

The most important is to file with Attorney General's office and Better Business Bureau.  Also with the Fair Trade Commission.  They changed their website to say lead time is 6 - 8 months.  If they gave you an estimated delivery time & didn't meet it prior, then file with the FTC.  There is a mail/phone order law that states that if they don't meet the first estimated delivery time then they are to provide you another date or a prompt refund based on what you want to do.  So, file with the FTC as well with your info (dates, and anything they would need). 
When filing a complaint with the BBB it is a permanent public record.
Also, send anyone you know to my blog links.  We need to get everyone possible to file with the FTC, Attorney General & BBB.  
Another thing is to call the police department in Cary, NC.  They said there is nothing they can do because there isn't any fraud being committed, but the more that call the more they will be watching them.  (919) 469-4012..
Send emails to both Durham, NC Chamber of Commerce & Cary, NC Chamber of Commerce.  I say Durham because Kelly is connected with them via LinkedIn. and
Also, write to Entrepreneur Magazine and let them know that you are another one of their victims.
Also, send an email to Monica Laliberte at WRAL.  They are the ones that did the initial story on Carolina Farmhouse. 
Get your story out there to as many places as possible.  Go to your local news stations and send them an email. 
I hope this helps, and if you are reading this and have any additional information please let me know.


  1. Lynn, keep up the fight for justice. Many of us can relate to the poor treatment of customers by CF, and their inability to stick to promises. In one instance I have a specific date that CF said they'd deliver my furniture by, and of course they missed it. Then they claimed they don't commit to timeframes when their email does exactly that. 16 BBB complaints in less than a year don't lie.

  2. Hi Lynn- I just sent you an email via my work email.


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