An organized pantry...

We have been a little preoccupied here on Fern Avenue.  Last week we ran out and purchased items to finish the pantry.

When we first moved in we just put in a couple of pieces of furniture that included a bookshelf to hold our stuff like food, treats, baking supplies, etc.

But, I thought we needed to go forth and add the pantry project to the list now...not that we didn't have enough projects on the list or not that it wasn't good enough.  I just knew it is a big project that if we didn't go ahead and tackle... Well it'd probably still be on the list a year from now...or two.

Friday we had Katie's trike-a-thon and we all went to watch her.  It started out a little chilly and drizzling.  But...I just love these girls.
Zuzu Bear watching and cheering on her sister :)

Doing her thing....  We decided after this she is a tad too big for this bike.

By the time we got home, I had a few other errands and order of business to take care of.  I went to lunch with my daddy..very important :)

Saturday morning we got up first thing and went to work on pulling everything out of the pantry so the install could begin..

Ok..this really is just a teaser as I still have just a little painting left to do.  But I am really enjoying the outcome :)

I get to go pick up our new dining table tomorrow so no painting, but I promise by the weekend I will be bringing the full reveal.


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