Arch Door find & what I will turn it into

Oh hi remember this awesome & lovely arched door???  I found the door on facebook one day as I was browsing some different businesses.  The arch on the door totally had me from the get go.  The door was located at a salvage shop in Philadelphia.  I love taking road trips, and it's only 3 hours away from I hopped in the car to seek out not only this amazing arched door, but some other finds for our newly built home.


Well she is finished..... Finally!! As you know I turned this arch door into our pantry door.  When I originally found the door it had wood rot, and layers of paint. I will show you what she looks like all installed very soon, and walk you through the process of cleaning her all up.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of the living area as of now.  This will give you a little idea of my style.  It is by no means close to being finished but we are close.  But, it shows you some of my favorite finds from auctions, estate sales, and Habitat ReStore.


And, here are some pictures of the kitchen as we continue to make progress on getting moved in & unpacked.

Our kitchen, living room & dining room is all one big space.  The pantry is semi directly across from the fireplace.  So with that in mind, the pantry door is a focal point as is the fireplace (depending on where you are in the room). 

The style of our home is definitely a farmhouse vibe with lots of happy colors added in.  Be on the look out for the completed arched door & how it looks..



  1. Question: where in NY are you? I feel like that might make a difference.

    1. Hi Kirby - We are in the Hudson Valley specifically Cornwall, NY which is about an hour north of Manhattan.

    2. baby daughter is in Manhattan. I will ask her what she thinks!

  2. I love that door, so original! Have a wonderful week, Laura

  3. Looking gorgeous! Home from Cali and popped in to say HI!!

  4. This is such a unique idea and the blue of the door really pops against the wall color.

  5. This will give you a little idea of my style. It is by no means close to being finished but we are close. NYC interior doors


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