Decorative Pillow DIY

DIY no sew pillows and the cost was next to nothing :)

I found these lovely placemats at Target.

I loved the variety of color with the teal that looked great with the Collette I had redone the jewelry armoire in  -

And, so I decided pillows that is what they will become. 

No sew pillows.  These placemats were lined so all I needed to do was just open a corner & stuff it and then close it back up.

The pillows on the bed have both the flowery and the zig zag looking placemats.

I just used my no sew fabric glue.  I first cut the flowery placemat down a little less than the zig zag, glued them together leaving an opening to put stuffing in.  Once the glue was completely dried, I stuffed.  I then glued my little opening.  Once that was dry I had some green color jute ribbon and I just glued it along the edge of the flowery placemat.

There is a small pillow on the rocking chair...I just took one of the zig zag placemats & folded in half and glued. 

Total cost - 3 flowery placemats at $3.99/each, 3 zig zag placemats $3.99, jute ribbon I had, glue I had, stuffing I had (actually lots of it from the pillows that came with our couches), my  So I got 4 pillows for $7.98. 

The placemats are Threshold by Target. 

I saw a pillow that had the same design at our Target for $24.99.  I think mine are much prettier :)

Don't forget to go to this post & enter your chance to win a QUART of Maison Blanche paint (color of your choice).  I have used this paint on so many of my projects...I just love it so much.  It's so easy to use & always turns out just beautiful!!

It is beautiful out today so think while the little one is napping I will try & read a book on the deck....

~ Lynn

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