Stuck with inspirations..

After having surgery on last Friday, I was certain by Monday I'd be up and back to getting our house back in order.  Well let's face the didn't happen and this girl isn't known for being stuck doing nothing for too long.  I am so not a happy camper right now.

I was told I am not to drive until released...WHAT?  Needless to say I've been stuck at home.  I have had a few minutes or days but who besides me is counting :)  to think about what I want to do with some furniture pieces once I have both hands back.

So back in November I picked up this mantel at Philadelphia Salvage -

I was going to redo it and use it with our fireplace.  Well it just didn't go the way I expected.  So my mind started does work at times especially when it is forced to do so.

While up at 1:45 am, and then again at 4 am a light bulb went off.  See I've been looking for an old 5 panel door with no luck and then bam just like that my mind said oh the mantel it would be perfect.

Do you know where this is going yet?

Let me show you a few inspiration pictures...
Simply love this...

love the detail

The color..

Now you see where this is headed.  I am so thinking that this is what I want to do for our bed.

I guess rest does the MIND & body good.

I hope everyone is doing great & I promise once this awesome soft cast is off I will back to working on projects including the house so I can finally show you.

With much peace, love & happiness...
~ The Ferns

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