I am still here...

Sorry I have been gone for a few days.  The move has kicked our butts.  But we are here for the most part.

I have a few sneak peek pictures.  We are still surrounded by a ton of boxes and nothing on the walls, but we are here and loving every minute of it.  Today the carpet was installed in our room.  These are crappy cell  phone pics...sorry.

This is the living room & kitchen area.  I promise to come back with more/better photos....

It was so much fun cooking our first dinner in my kitchen...I love it so much!

Yummy fried chicken...

Ahh the view.  I have a chair opposite of this window...I sat in it when I got home today and was in heaven.

Our bedroom...again promise more/better photos of all the rooms.  We (well my hubby) will move our bed & furniture in tomorrow.

The girls loving their new beds/room.  They play in here all the time.  As soon as they get home they head right up.  I love that we created a place that they enjoy going to read books & play with their animals.

Ok....so this is why I've been MIA for the most part.

I cut my thumb last Friday and thought it was ok.  By Sunday I still couldn't extend it and it was starting to feel numb and discolored.  I ended up in the ER (first picture).  They thought I cut the tendon and it was infected, and so I ended up at a hand doctor on Monday.  She wasn't sure I had cut the tendon so she removed the splint.  I went back on Thursday & it was still locked & I couldn't extend it.  She decided that we couldn't wait any longer.... I ended up in surgery today at noon.  I ended up hitting the bone along with cutting the tendon...  BOO!!!  Thank goodness for good pain meds otherwise I'd be pretty miserable.

On the other hand (no pun in tended) I get to be a princess tomorrow & must stay in bed with my hand elevated.  My hubby has already been amazing....waiting on me without waiver.  He's awesome!!!

As soon as I can I will update with lots of pictures...you all deserve it....you've cheered us on & gave me that push to move forward.

With much love, peace & happiness
~ The Ferns


  1. Oh no!!!!! Take care of yourself girl. Ouch. No fun.

    On another note, the girls look so cute in their rooms :) Little qt's!!!

  2. Your house will be like home in no time! Your girls are just adorable!! So sorry about your thumb!!! Hugs!

  3. So glad to see you all in your new home and settling in. So sorry to hear about your hand! Awful!


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