Time away...

I owe you lots of pictures of some of the things we've been up to.  However I am tied up at the moment.  We worked all day Saturday & Sunday at the new house...literally from early morning to late evenings.

Saturday we spent a big portion of the morning snow blowing our way out of about 15 - 18 inches of snow so we could go work.

My husband was kind and snow blowed our elderly neighbors drive.  

I have a long to do list to get us there.  Painting, getting closet systems installed, finish door hardware, painting (oh yes there's lots of that left to do), etc.  Plus I need to pack..UGH!

I sat the girls up in their room with a TV, movies, snacks, toys & blankets :)  It was mighty cozy up in there.  I tried to cuddle up & take a nap but they both shooed me away telling me if I didn't get to work we wouldn't get to move in.

Don't mind the floors...they need to be cleaned

I did get some painting done, but I still need to finish some cutting in around trim.  It is a lot of painting for one person.  On the bright side...I am almost done.  I guess it doesn't help that I changed the color in our bath & the girls (common area) bath.

We did take a break a few times to play in the snow....  The girls love it.

Trying to make a snow angel

Me & my best friend!!

Daddy did take them to the golf course & in our backyard to sleigh ride, but I was painting & missed watching them.  Funny story... In our back we have a perfect slope.  Shea loved going down by herself & it goes down into the woods, but at the bottom there is a bit of bump.  The first time down her toboggan jumped....she went airborne.  She laughed so hard & kept going.  I so wish I could've gotten it on video :)
Looking out our master bedroom picture window

Looking out our picture window without trim

Girls (Common Area) Bath

We wrapped yesterday cleaning up and gathering all the trash.  The stairs had the first coat of stain today.  This means until Friday or Saturday we will not be able to go upstairs.  The carpet guy was there this morning to measure the master bedroom.  The deck stairs were built today and tomorrow railing will be started.

Weather permitting we should be well on our way to schedule CO in the next couple of weeks.  I truly couldn't be more ready.  I won't lie anxiety has crept in.  I am excited but also very worried....so please keep us in your thoughts as we move forward.

With much love, peace & happiness

~ The Ferns

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