Hot Baths...

Thank you all for the sweet comments about my friend from High School.  Her sister passed away on Jan. 22.  It has completely amazed me the strength and grace that her family has shown during this extremely difficult time.  They traveled to South Africa and was able to meet her husband for the first time.  Today was her funeral and my thoughts & prayers have consistently been with the family.  I can't even imagine the emotional roller coaster they are riding.

I have been working on a project that has been consuming my time...entirely more time than I wanted to put into it.  But, I am slightly OCD.  Remember good ole chippy?  Yeah?

He gave me lots of trouble.  Lucky I won.... Look how beautiful he turned out.  Well at least I think so :)

This will be going into the girls/common area bathroom.  

When I first started the drawers were pulling a yellowish tint but the top was a nice brownish.  And, then the paint on the top started to bubble.  I had to completely sand the top and start over.  It was really humid on Wednesday...we had some nice thunderstorms move in that evening.  It all worked out in the end and I am much happier.  It is even much prettier in person.  I picked this guy up for $45 dollars & it came with a mirror.  

I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend.  Will you be watching the Superbowl?  Who are you rooting for?  I love football but my team isn't playing so it's not as fun, but I still love watching the game and oh the commercials of course.

Much love, peace & happiness!!

~ The Ferns


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