A short break...

I had to take & give myself a break on Thursday.  I am almost done painting at the house, but I just felt I needed the day.

I had a little belly ache, but I think it's just because I am running myself ragged.  I painted for a little while Thursday and then we took the girls to their favorite pizza place for dinner.  And, then like any romantic couple we stopped & purchased our new beds. 

We have scheduled the CO for Tuesday.  This is just a preliminary to get a checklist for a final.  We have been working hard on a few final details.  It is hard on the girls because there is only so much for them to do while we are there.

The railings on the deck are completely finished & they look absolutely amazing.

I started giving my door its makeover.

This baby is so beautiful, but it has layer after layer of paint.  I sanded until I just couldn't sand anymore.  My arms are sore.  It also needs a little fixing on the bottom where there is a little wood rot.

The different layers proved to be a different color.  At one point it was a red, dark blue & then light blue.  I can't wait to see how it is going to come out.  

Since the whole kitchen, dining room & living room area is all one open space the door will be a focal point. I am using the rug in the living area to add some color since there are so much brown/neutral color.  This is the rug we got for the living area.

The second picture you can really see all the color.  So with that being said... I will be painting the door with a pop of color from the rug.  

Oh I am so excited..... I can't wait to see the outcome :)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!!

With much love, peace & happiness

~ The Ferns

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