This is the way we ring in 2013

We went sledding at the new house today!!!  Oh it was so much fun & we realized just how awesome our hills are for them to go sledding.  Today was Shea's first time to really be out in the snow.  Last year when it snowed she was sick with bronchitis.

I knew Katie would love it but I was worried that Shea would go once & be done.  I figured she'd complain that she's too cold or something.  Oh that zuzu bear proved me wrong...all wrong.  She loved it so much and would giggle and say WEEEEE all the way down.  Daddy would carry her back up and she'd say I want to go again..

All the more reason I can't wait to get moved there..

Enjoy the cute pictures.

First time down..

Patiently waiting her turn!

Face of it!

Katie's turn

Katie & this picture

The smile in her eyes...

Oh that daddy is the best...

1st time by herself.


Much love, peace & happiness ~ The Ferns


  1. How fun! The few times we have had a BIT of snow on our place we have let the girls "sled" behind the riding lawnmower! Redneck I know, but its the best we get in TX!

  2. Shelley that is really funny. We have done the lawnmower as well when it is a light snow just to get the kids outside. When I was growing up in West Texas we'd actually get snow (not like this) & we'd get inner tubes & would get pulled down the road behind a truck or we'd get cardboard boxes & lay them flat & go down the "hills" at the golf course. Ahh the memories of what we thought was a ton of snow :)


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