In Love...

On Friday the granite counter was installed in the kitchen.  I was not there...  Kacey stopped by as the guys were wrapping up.  I asked him how it looked, and in true manly form said "ehh it looks good".  That was it!!!  My mind was like WHAT...  So I probed & he never expanded on his thoughts (that's normal for him...not much phases him).

Saturday morning I got up & started working on the vanities (see prior post).  We were heading to a family party later in the evening.  I told him I wanted to stop by & take a look.

We opened the door & it was love at first sight!! It was more beautiful than I could possibly imagine.

My cellphone pictures don't even come close to doing it justice.  I looked at it for at least 30 minutes trying to find the where was it found.  They really exceeded my expectations.

I called the granite place earlier this morning to pay them. First off if your in the area - Sherwood tile is amazing!!!  They are always super friendly when you go in.  I usually talk to a gentleman named Jim.  He is a pleasure to chat with.  Chris is the head installation guy. When I spoke to Chris I found out Jim is his dad... no wonder Chris is as nice as he is!!  Chris said he loved the kitchen & it was showroom quality!  Wow talk about boosting my ego...just a little!!

I love walking in & seeing the kitchen!  I have pinched myself a few really is my house.  We are blessed beyond...

In the next 3 weeks will be down the stretch time...  We are so close.  Not many updates between now & next week.  I will be stuck at home starting Wednesday for a week.  And, then the floors go in.  I am beyond stoked because once they are in we are onto the punch list - YAY!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Ours was busy but enjoyable.  Kacey's Uncle Pat was up from West Virginia.  So we went to a last minute family party which was fun.

Sunday ours friends baby had his 1st birthday party.  He's such a handsome baby & we just love him so much.  My girls...well Katie was so into him.  She'd just make him laugh, but she was so very gentle which made me proud of her.

How cute is he?

All the littles playing...all of them so sweet!

With much love, peace & happiness
~ The Ferns

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