Chipping away

Literally chipping away.  I bought this white (so I thought) dresser at Habitat Restore to turn into a vanity for the girls bathroom.

Little did I know that it had been painted at least 6 times prior without one coat being removed before another applied....and all different colors.  I couldn't get a good picture of all the layers, but it was at one time brownish, bright yellow, green, butter cream color and white..I am forgetting a color.

 I started sanding...and sanded..and sanded.  It started chipping & that is when I began to notice layers of paint.  I stopped sanding & applied a paint remover.  It helps loosen up paint in this instance.  I just need to let it dry a little more & then I can continue.

I moved onto sanding this beauty.

I grabbed this at a antique barn close by us at the same time as my church pew.  It really is beautiful with lovely detail.  The only thing is someone stained it but it was super rough.  Not sure what they did.  I sanded it down & it is now nice & smooth.

Transformation in process...  This will be the vanity for our bathroom.

I am excited to see the finished product on both because I have some great ideas.

Chipping away at that resolution list... :)

The house is moving along as well.  The girls (common area) bathroom is almost completely tiled.  Our shower floor tile is down & the wall tile has been started.

The arch for the pantry was set with dry wall on Thursday.  The granite was installed & many light fixtures have been put in place.  In a little over a week the hardwood floors will be installed.

This is the light fixture I picked up on one of my adventures out one day.  The light is horrible the day I took the picture..cloudy out :(
Katie had blood-work on Thursday for her pre-op.  Oh my gosh this child is my hero.  She climbed up on my lap, stuck her arm out & took that needle like nothing.  Not one tear shed, not a flinch & the most was a little ouch muttered.  I was so proud of her!!!  The nurse was completely shocked...

My brave lil peanut!!

We go in on Wednesday to have those pesky tonsils and adenoids removed!  Keep us in your thoughts & prayers that all goes well.  I'd like to be able to come home that night, but won't know until they are done with surgery if that is even possible.

Much love, peace, & happiness
~ The Ferns

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