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Ahh today was a day with mostly ups & downs!  I put Katie to bed last night worried she was going to wake up with a fever & really sick....not just a cold sick.  Luck was on my side - she woke up with a runny nose but no fever.  So off to school we went.  She did complain that she had a headache.  I had a parent/teacher conference for 12:30 so I told her if she still felt bad she could leave with me.

Reverse a couple of days.  Katie was having a few rough days of losing her listening ears (they broke).  Twinkle the elf has flown back to the North Pole to have a meeting with Santa due to Katie's bad behavior.  Something has been off with her.  All of sudden 3 nights in a row she has cried out in her sleep with a hoarse voice.

Today after an AMAZING conference with her teacher (MIND you I am one proud momma).  She is 100% ready for her next educational stage in life.  She can write her full name (1st, middle, & last), knows her #s up to 30 by recognition, knows sounds of the letters...  They have truly challenged her to see where she is & she is doing AWESOME.  She even can do simple subtraction & addition...  She was commended on how her manners are top notch!  I say this calls for a special day with mommy once she feels better.

Oh back to after the conference...sorry got a little side tracked.  So I let her come with me.  She felt warm & I notice white spots on her throat :( Oh boo....  Now the last week makes complete sense, she always acts out when she's starting to get sick.  I knew she most likely had tonsillitis! I called her doctor...ran her over & sure enough it is!  3 times in less than 9 months :(  We are headed to the ENT in the morning to determine our next plan of action.  She snores & there is some bit of sleep apnea going on.  That was our down for the day.

But we had lots of ups.  The parent/teacher conference - A+!!

The decking material has been delivered.  The rain escapes is being done so we can use the outdoor space below the deck.

The fireplace is being installed!

The entire house is primed!

Stone work has been started....

Kacey came home & said the garage is completed & the kitchen cabinets have also been delivered!!

And.. I just ordered her...  A little gift to myself :)

What should I name her?  Bessie is taken already :)  She is soooo pretty & I love her!  She will reside above that beautiful new door that will be leading into the pantry...  She will no doubt have the best view looking out of the two sliding doors in the dining room, a view of the fireplace & will look over any & everyone who comes to enjoy our home!  Thank you Pam...I can't wait to show her her new home!

And I leave you with girls school picture!!  Love those faces!


  1. Well, you are just FULL of great news. Except the punkin being sick. Never fun. Poor things, hate when they aren't feeling well. Bessie is a Qt and Pam is so nice. I just adore her. That girl can decorate something fierce too ;) Hope your bug is feeling better soon.

  2. Thank you Shannon. I adore Pam as well...she has always been super kind & I love her style. My little is feeling better now that we've had a little ice cream ;)


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