I’ve been working for a little over a month now on putting together a SURPRISE party for my husband & mom.  The husband turned 40…and mom turned 70!!! I knew I wanted to do something that they would both love.  So a casino night it was!! I rented the back room at one of our favorite hangout places – Annarella’s on the Green, rented poker & blackjack tables, oh & real dealers.  Off I sat to plan a fun party with friends & family.  I had to sneak around & lie for over a month – OH MY GOD!  It was a torture for me. These are 2 people I tell everything to.  Every single time something would happen I’d almost slip.  The best is one of Kacey’s friends that I have no contact info for (well now I do) was coming until Sandy struck.  He emailed me to tell me they still didn’t have power or any gas for their cars.  Me being me emailed back saying our house is open, you & your family are welcome…blah blah… I walked into the house about to say “Oh my gosh so & so still doesn’t have power or gas”…when oh yes Lynn how would you be talking to him?  Thankfully I caught myself but it KILLED me not to say a word about it.  Here it is… I think this shows the surprise for both. 

We had a great night!  I guess it helps that I kicked butt in blackjack all night long & when I say kicked butt…a real casino would’ve kicked me out!  The night went off without a hitch.  I think Kacey might’ve been a tad suspicious when we pulled into the parking lot.  But, let me tell you between real emails, fake emails & stories I came up to divert was tough business.  Planning a surprise party is hard, but when the person you are throwing it for lives with you & you are on their email server because well they are your IT guy…it’s hard!  Bottom line I did it, don’t want to do it again, but it was a success because we simply have the very best friends & family (a few were missing & we missed having them there)!!!

 With our parents!

This was the very beginning of the card playing!
So the house!!!  Oh boy things are looking good.  I am super impressed & digging it all.  The appliances & our range hood will be delivered on Friday.  We’ll store them for now, but I couldn’t pass up the bargain.  I ordered my fireplace which is a big relief.  Check out the pictures.  We have our cedar shakes & some of the siding up.  I think it looks really sharp!!

In the fire was all of my Christmas décor.  One thing I love is Thanksgiving because it is the day that opens the holiday season door up.  I super duper LOVE Christmas time.  I wish that the gift giving was less retailish if that makes sense.  I love gift giving & seeing people’s faces when they open a gift.  I am trying to get back into more personable gifts.  It bothers me when kids open gifts, rip the paper off, look at it (if even that), and ask for the next one.  I know I know kids sometimes don’t realize it.  But, for me I’d like to try & teach my girls to appreciate what is being given to them…enjoy, cease the moment.  Ok off my soap box now.  Last night I broke the nagging feeling and started buying Christmas decorations for our tree.  I won’t lie ya’ll…I cried!  As much as I know life is moving on, it just hurt.  But, I did it.  I bucked up & found some really cute things & ideas started flowing.  We will make this a beautiful Christmas for our girls.  And you know what we have?  We have a lot to be thankful for this year…We have our lives, we have each other, our health, family & friends & most importantly we “have” in order to give back to those that will be without their homes they lost during Hurricane Sandy. 

Don’t forget about –


You’reINVITED to a Fiesta Mexican dinner at Annarella’s and a % of your total bill (pre-tax) will be DONATED to the victims of HURRICANE SANDY!

We are also gathering a list of supplies that will be taken to various locations that are in need:

Shovels, trash bags, toilet paper, diapers, wipes, formula, brooms, hand sanitizer, water, paper towels, batteries, flashlights, cleaning supplies, etc.

With much love, peace & happiness!!

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  1. Looks like the party was a HUGE success :) I saw some big smiles. What a great celebration.
    The house is looking wonderful. It's a real beauty. Love the elevation, color and detail.


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