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 Today I ventured to Philly to Philadelphia Salvage.  A great find indeed.  It is roughly a 2 hour 45 minute drive.  But, this is what I like to do….set out for the day on an adventure to find cool, unusual things.  I had a mission at Philadelphia Salvage first & foremost.  They had a pedestal sink that I just couldn’t wait to take a peek at.  I had spoken to George on the phone yesterday & he was so nice.  I knew that just the drive to get the sink was worth it.

I packed myself up, dropped Katie off at school, and took off.  My mom was kind enough to come over to watch Shea for the day.  I got to the store & was so not disappointed.  I got there about lunchtime & got the guys in the midst of eating – sorry Martin & Brian.  And, they were actually closed today (oooppss).  But, they were so amazingly kind to let me shop, and was so nice to help me find the things I was looking for.  I found so many different & truly cool things.  The place is full of history…  I walked away with a door, a mantel, my pedestal sink & a chandelier.  

Lovely Vintage Crane Sink...Such a beauty!

My pantry door...how cool is this door!


Martin & Brian loaded it all in my van!!  George was a pleasure to chat with as well…and even gave me a new place to venture off to, which I did on my way home J  I highly recommend this fun place.  Check out their facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/phillysalvage?fref=ts. Website - http://www.philadelphiasalvage.com/.  They have an Etsy shop & things listed on Ebay!  If you visit, I don’t think you would be anything but happy!  I honestly am so jealous at the job they have there! 
Where my mantel had been sitting. Cool sign above!

I of course had to swing by Geno’s for a Philly Cheese Steak & it was just divine! 
The gentleman that gave us the gift card the morning of the fire has been on my mind & heart deeply. It comes & goes but some days heavier than others. I have always felt that certain people come into your live for a reason.  Some for a short time, some for the duration of your live, some to teach us or bring something into our lives that particular moment.  I know that there are certain people that I can say they were put in my life for a specific purpose.  I think there are times we cross paths with someone that it was for a reason.  Just my thoughts.  I was just reading a blog that shares that same line of thought.  I love what she is doing in her life for youth.  Her blog post the other day made me think.  I often find myself doing random acts of kindness just because I love to see someone smile.  I try to make small talk with the elderly, or help someone that I can see needs a little help, etc.  It just makes my heart smile when I feel I might have made someone else smile.  

Today as I was standing in line at Geno’s I bought the next couple of random people their lunch.  It just kinda happened…  All I can hope is that one of those random people pay it forward…it was my way of paying it forward.  So to you kind gentleman that I wrote about in my first blog post that has etched your way into my heart…thank you for your kindness. 

On my way home I thought about my act….it made me feel good.  I’ve challenged myself to complete one random act of kindness a week.  I’d love to hear any random things a stranger has done for you or what you have done. 

The road I drove home was on through to New Hope, PA.  It is a charming little town with beautiful shops, antique stores & a Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks directly across from one another!  And, then on over the bridge (Delaware Water Gap) to Lamberville, NJ.  I stopped at an Antique Mall and a few boutique shops.  I will be going back in the spring when it is nice out.  You can actually walk over the bridge, which provides a gorgeous view.  The drive was simply extraordinary!  I almost had many wrecks for gawking at the scenery.

Once I started on my way home & it was getting dark, I looked up through a group of trees.  I was trying to figure out what it was.  At first I thought it was the sun setting, but it was too dark out.  I realized it was the moon…gorgeous GIGANTIC fire orange moon.  I wanted to take a picture so bad, but there was no place to pull off.

My day was a success.. Now to see how much trouble I am going to be in by our carpenter when he sees this door that will be used for my pantry J 

Much love, peace & happiness!!


  1. Lynn, I am so glad you had such a wonderful day. You certainly found some fabulous treasures!! The door you scored if beyond fantastic. I just a-door it :))) Sorry. It's pretty stinking great!!

    Paying it forward does feel so very nice.

  2. Thank you Shannon! That door is totally a-doorable & I just fell deeply in love with it. I showed our contractor today (which I thought he's gonna kill me)...he loved it & said it just fits for what we are doing. It's going to be a slider so we can keep it's amazing charm. I am so excited!! I can't wait to show off pictures when the house is done :)


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