Let it snow..

It is snowing here (or was) today so I stayed in after dropping the girls off at school.  I have to work on the inventory list from the fire - I have to provide receipts of things replaced and show the line item # of what was replaced.  It is tedious but a must...so work I will do.  It was a good day for it.

I did go back to the thrift store to get the lovely china I found last week.  I unpacked it, washed it & put it away in my corner cabinet I purchased at the auction.  This is a piece of furniture that I am just in love with!  And a bargain I got it for!!

Christmas tree is up, stockings are hung :)  Love this time of year!  My girls got the little Elf on the Shelf this year.  They named her Twinkle!  She was found hanging upside down yesterday morning from our dining room chandelier...  Why?  Well because she was MAD that my little angel Katie decided to give mommy such a hard time at dinner Sunday night!  Last night at dinner we had no issues..HMMM might need to use her throughout the year!

I am headed to Philly tomorrow... There is a fantastic place to rummage through for some great finds & I am taking off to do just such.  I will be back to show off my finds.  I might find myself with a yummy Philly Cheese steak - oh I haven't had one in years.  

The end of this week our the inside of the house is getting primed :)  I've picked out ONE...one paint color.  I am waiting until I pick up our tile so I can decide on other colors for the bathrooms.  February is right around the corner...wow!  I now get to start thinking about packing again - UGH!!!

Off to make dinner & finish working on this inventory list.

Much love, peace & happiness!!

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