Halloween has never really been a favorite holiday of mine. I could totally do without it. But, when you have kids it changes things a bit. I try to embrace it for them. This year I realized that Katie really understands the dressing up part& wanted make-up & all. I ran out of time to really put effort into costumes (we wore cousins costumes which let me tell you I am so appreciative we had), but I promised her next year we will get into it. I love painting faces so next year I am going to give her something to look back & say “my mom rocked it”!! 

So we made it out trick or treating even though it was a cool 41 degrees out.  We always go to my husband’s sister’s house.  The neighborhood is so kid friendly and on a cul de sac. 


We take the kids out for a little while & then we go back to eat dinner together.  It is always a fun night, but not many kids were out last night.  Not sure if it was because of the storm or the cold, damp air. Usually we just order pizza, but last night her & her husband made steak out on the grill.  YUMMMY!!  I came home & curled up in my jammies & fell right to sleep. 

I have so many pieces of furniture projects I need to get my hands on.  There just hasn’t been enough time in the day to get started.  Between doctor appointments, picking out & making decisions on the house, oh and a storm to prep for, has kept us on the move.  There hasn’t been much “home” time.  Soon though I keep telling myself.  Plus I ordered some paint from Shannon at http://www.foxhollowcottage.com/.  She’s such a pleasure to chat with not to mention shipped out to me right away. 

I have this pair of sweet little accent tables.  What would you do with them?  Would you leave the top metal on it or would you take it off?  I love the wire on the doors & the details are so charming.  I can't get a great picture..this is the best.

Our front door has been installed J  Yeah!!  It still needs to be stained but that comes right before we move in so nothing happens to it.  The hardware also needs to be installed. 

The guys were there starting on the siding as you can see them on the ladder & roof. 

Kacey & I went today to pick out stone that will be around the front door & garage door, decking material & granite for countertops.  We are going with Trex for our deck.  This stuff is pretty amazing.  The Trex decking is virtually indestructible shell, won’t fade, stain, scratch and is mold resistant.  The maintenance is low which means we don’t have to waterproof it.  Kacey’s brother has it & it is gorgeous.  We’ve booked our guy to do our hardwood floors…so excited!!  I love the floors I picked out. 

A few additional pictures of the inside.  It was a little dark inside because the window openings had been boarded up in preparation for Sandy.

The fireplace is going in that cutout on the floor!!
We are off to go cheer on our Sammy girl play soccer... She is a freshman on the varisty soccer team playing in the Semi-Finals tonight!!! 
Love, peace, & happiness!!!

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