Another day

If you are into Mary Kay or would like to try a few things NOW is the time.  My very dear friend of mine is a Mary Kay consultant & she has some really great sales for the holidays right now.

Check her site out.  I know she would be happy to help you with holiday gift baskets or anything else you might want to purchase.

I remember going to Mary Kay parties with my mom when I was not even a teen yet.  I always wanted the lip gloss.  My mom wore Mary Kay for years.

We spent the weekend running errands & trying to wrap up a few decisions.  My nephew & his family came through on their way back home in Boston.  It was a really nice but quick visit.

Katie & I went to the tile store on Saturday morning.  It is the warehouse outlet of the store that we originally purchased tile from.  I was able to get all 3 bathrooms picked out & finalized in a mere 2ish hours... All will be neutral colors but easy to add different accents to.  Everything but our shower floor was in stock & I was way less than we budgeted so that made me happy!!

Then we hit up Hobby Lobby & The Christmas Tree Store...both favorites of ours.  Katie was the perfect shopping partner & she even shared her Mike & Ike candy with me - BONUS!!

The taping on the house will be complete in the next day or two & priming will start at the end of the week.  I am on a mission to finalize my paint selections.  One of our stores is having a 20% off Benjamin Moore paint until Thursday...big savings!

Kacey & I have made some furniture decisions & we are both excited.  It's moving quite fast...

At some point I need to finish the vanity for both bathrooms.

I am headed to my favorite auction on Wednesday.  I scored some big things last time, mom & I drove home with the hatch back on the van tied down with the lights shining in my face and I got home at a little after 1 A.M!!!  It was fun & I am looking forward to going back just not going to buy as much...well maybe not.  I have rope :)

Much love, peace & happiness!!


  1. You live in New York? I lived in CT but just moved to Virginia. It's a little warmer here. Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my old door display.
    I love Hobby Lobby and the Christmas Tree Shoppe - you can find some gems at both. Welcome to blogging!

    1. Thank you Holly. Yes we live in NY. I moved up here 10 years ago from Texas & while it is much colder I love it. I love your blog. You decorating style is very similar to mine so I find a ton of inspiration. I am having an island built that I used yours as the go to piece as what I wanted.


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