We are all starting to prepare for Sandy around here.  Of course I am hoping it is all hype but I'd rather be safe than sorry.  I just always make sure we have plenty of water & canned goods on the food side, and I check our flashlights & battery supply.  Otherwise we don't go crazy in our house.  If we see that we are in direct danger, we batten down everything outside. 

Mom & I went to an auction Wednesday that was a little over an hour away.  I had been checking the pictures out & really wanted to go.  I am so glad we did.  They had some of the most unique antiques that I've seen and at really great prices.  It made me wish I had a shop of my own because the dealers that were there scored some crazy deals.  I ended up with a few items and I am so happy I took both carseats out and that I drive a minivan.  Let me back up a few minutes.  When we arrived and walked around I was quickly smitten by several items.  My mind was calculating what all I could fit in my van.  I texted Kacey to let him know we made it and that there was some cool things.  He quickly texted back "don't buy more than you can carry"...he knows response was "I will do my best...I have rope will tie things on the roof".  Ok I was only joking.  Half joking as you will read!!  Well let's just say that I owe the guys that loaded my van a BIG thank you... Mom & I drove home with 6 new chairs for my dining room table (let's just I stole these babies), a dresser, a coffee table & a Hitchcock corner cabinet...all in my van!  I had to bum some rope to tie my back hatch door from the guys, but you know what it fit & we made it home.  We didn't get home until almost 1:00 a.m. but oh it was so worth it.  I will provide pictures later (it's cloudy & the lighting is awful). 

We've had lots of activity going on at the house.  Provided that Sandy doesn't wreck havoc on us here the windows will go in on Monday & sheetrock will start on Wednesday or Thursday.  I can't believe we are at the end of October....headed right into November.  Whew time flies.  Not enough hours in the day. 

My mom & Kacey's birthdays are coming up & celebrate we will do!  Mom will be 70 & Kacey 40.  WHOA!  We will gather with a few friends & family. 

We are off to get lots of errands done this weekend.  I have about 20 loads of laundry to get done - BOO!  I hate laundry. 

Much love, peace & happiness!  Have an amazing weekend all...

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