It is moving so very quickly! Check it out…it looks like a house.  I can’t believe 4 months ago today I was standing in front of burnt rubble of a house.  And, now I am standing in front of this. 

The roofers were there this morning starting the roof.  Of course it rained all afternoon so they didn’t get as much as they wanted to get roofed.  The deck was put on...the beam for the deck weighs 896 lbs.  Crazy!!! Amazement is what I feel looking at the pictures and driving up & seeing dormers!  4 months is not a long time, but I feel we have come a long ways as a family in a short time to overcome a tragic life changing event.  Looking back I don’t think I’d feel this feeling of relief.  I still struggle from time to time with material things.  There are days I feel a slight spark of anger.  I would’ve loved nothing more to be spending my holidays there, but I have lots more holidays in our future in our new home to plan.  I am so happy for our friends Anna & Joe.  They are looking to be in their house by Thanksgiving….this is after their house burnt down a year ago last September.  We are so blessed that we were able to start the rebuilding process so quickly. 
Looking at the pictures from the previous blog of the Hudson Valley views, Kacey & I realized how great it is to live here.  We both feel very blessed.  And, we both realize that we need to take more time to enjoy it and have more quality family time out & about.  Life is short and being so busy is making us age.  We were able to make it to another Yankee game, a playoff game this time.  It was a very much needed day out just the two of us!!  Even though the Yankees lost we really had a fun time.  I love Yankee Stadium & I love being at the ballpark. 


I am still working on trying to get my girls to decide on a Halloween costume.  Katie has a good idea of what she’d like to be but Shea not so much.  I took her to look at costumes and after we looked at so many cute ideas she said she doesn’t like Halloween and that I should be the one to dress up in the costumes if I thought they were so cute. Oh I didn’t know what to say…where did my little one learn to speak like that? J If she really understood that she could come home with a bag full of candy I think she’d have a different attitude.  On second thought maybe I will be the one to dress up!!

Both girls are learning so much in ballet.  I enjoy taking them, watching them learn and do something fun.  Measurements were already taken for the recital outfits.  I can’t wait for the recital.  I will apologize now because there will be so many pictures.  I mentioned previously that Katie is doing really well in Pre K.  I have witness a recent change in her – it’s her overall attitude.  She’s always been a good girl, a very loving thoughtful girl, but she will push & try your every button.  She’s smart, strong minded, knows what she wants and knows how to hold her stance on her views.  I love all of those things about her, but when it comes to parenting she can be a challenge.  I have to be careful about the battles I pick to hold my stance on.  I don’t want to take those things away from her and I enjoy seeing that she has an opinion of her own, but we want to instill good roots.  One thing that has changed is she understands consequences more now.  She goes to ballet and we enrolled her in the tumblebus which is a cool program that teaches gymnastics.  The school bus (tumblebus) comes to Katie’s school once a week.  She has never responded well to time outs…sitting for a few minutes just never seem to matter to her.  Taking toys away…nope she didn’t care. Sending her to her room when she throws a fit..she cries louder & harder. Now she knows ballet & the tumblebus will be taken away from her in one second and with that she knows she has to work on her attitude, tantrums & fits and wow has she ever. It’s not like these things happen on a daily occurrence, but when they happen it takes a lot to get the mood turned back around.  Katie has always been a child that needs a challenge, stimulation.  I firmly believe that being in Pre K has also helped.  It’s a process but I am proud of the little lady she really is turning into. I have also loved that she is acting out in pretend play.  She comes home from school & plays school.  It is fun to watch how she interacts with her “students”.  It’s so funny to watch her “teach” Shea.  She pulls the alphabet flash cards out & teaches her the letters.  It melts my heart to see the closeness & bond these girls share. 

I took mom out on Saturday to the tag sales in Cornwall on the Hudson.  It is a town wide tag sale that they have once a year.  It was a zoo out there but I got some major scores.  I can’t wait to redo some of my finds.  I am trying to get myself back into redoing furniture pieces.  One of my big scores that I need to take a picture of is the gigantic mirror for one of the bathrooms.  I will stripe it & redo the wood frame.  But it is heavy & will be absolutely perfect.  I will post before & after pictures.  The other finds were two carts with big wheels & casters.  I love love love these carts & can’t wait to get my hands on them.  I got this cute little table also that I think will make a nice accent piece.  I also scored big on the horse & buggy print…it is a nice big print that I’ve always loved and the frame is perfect. I paid $5 for it.   I found the house picture & got the lady down to $10… I asked her the history & it came from Spain.  Her parents were stationed there and had a local artist paint it for them in the 1960s.  It is in perfect condition.  The frame just needs to be cleaned up.  Oh & the old milk cans...I can't wait to put those in the entry at our front door.  I ordered some paint & antique wax so I can get started soon.  I am so lucky to be having a room in the basement dedicated for me to work on my furniture.  It will be ventilated & will give me a place to go, work & let the stress flow out.  I've got lots of work to do...


Much love, peace & happiness…

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