Escaping untouched!

We made it through Superstorm Sandy without damage & we managed to keep power at our current residence.  We lost power at the Cornwall house, but pretty much the entire area of Cornwall lost power. My brother in law had one of their big trees come down in their backyard.  Luckily it fell to the side of the house just missing their roof, patio, sun porch & on the other side the outdoor fireplace.   
Cornwall always seems to get the wrath of the storms.  They lost power for days during Irene as well hence why we have a generator for our house there.  We hung out at my husband’s parents’ house for the evening in case we did lose power since they have a generator.  I was prepared with plenty of non-perishable food & water.  My thoughts are I’d rather be safe than sorry.  The things I bought are things we’d eat & drink even if we were not looking at a storm moving in.  Three years ago when the crazy snow storm took our power for over 7 days, I wasn’t prepared…I don’t think many people were.  We had over 50 inches of snow at the house we lived in and I was 7 months pregnant.  Lucky we were able to come to my in-law’s..that is when they bought the generator.  Lesson learned – just be prepared.   

It breaks my heart to see those that have been hit hard by Sandy.  Breezy Point, Queens lost over 100 homes and more than 20 damaged by a fire that blazed through.  Going through the devastation of losing our home less than 5 months ago, I am feeling the pain for them all.  It is hard to wrap my mind around it all.  Many across the Tri State region lost their homes from the floods and many more have damage to deal with.  It is heartbreaking.  But, as I feel my family & I are a true testament – each & every family can pull through this.  Stay strong, surround yourself with family & friends and know it is okay to feel angry and to breakdown & cry is completely normal.  We are thinking of you all & keeping you all in our thoughts & prayers.

We were supposed to have the windows delivered on Monday, but seeing that Sandy ripped through the area we postponed.  They will be here tomorrow.  The sheet rockers will be starting in the next day or two.  That to me is just so surreal.  I can’t believe that we are moving into November already…this means in or around 3 months we will be moving into our new home.  This is less time than the time that has passed since the fire….simply amazing to me.  We are heading over to look at stone and deck materials later today.  Our siding/shake material has arrived. I am excited to see it all come together. 

We celebrated my mother in laws birthday & as my sister in law was icing the cake she handed Shea the icing knife.  Sister was in heaven licking all that chocolate… 
I missed the pictures when she dove into the homemade whip cream bowl.  I was laughing too hard to grab my camera quick enough.

Happy Halloween all!  Stay safe!

Love, Peace & Happiness to all!

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