Oops...I've been gone a few days.

As I sit here sipping on a beer relaxing and reflecting on the last couple of weeks, I realize that whoa life has been busy.  We just finished up dinner and Kacey is giving the girls their bath.  I am fortunate to have him as my husband…he’s so good with the girls; he’s an awesome husband and just really makes a big effort to provide everything we want and most importantly need.  Last night we had both of our parents over for an impromptu dinner due to a storm that moved in & kept Kacey's parents from taking the cousins to the fair.  His parents had the twin cousins staying over so that was an extra treat for the girls.  I made a chicken dinner with gravy, asparagus, corn, salad and bread with armadillo eggs as apps.  And, then I proceeded to take everyone’s money in cards (to be fair it’s not often I am the big winner).  Luck have it I had 2 hands with Royal Straight Flushes….BOOYAH!! Tonight I made homemade meatballs with homemade red sauce.  My family devoured the food so fast.  My daddy loves meatballs so I made sure to make him a plate to take over to him.  
Speaking of mom & dad…we got to move them into their apartment last weekend.  We’ve spent lots of time trying to unpack & move stuff around.  It’s hard going from a 3 bedroom to a 2 bedroom with so much stuff.  There is a need for much organization and lots of garbage bags (this is my idea not so much theirs).  With both girls in ballet and school my days & weeks are scheduled according to what they have going on.  I’ve also been working on some projects to decorate mom’s space today while Kacey took Katie & the twins bowling.  Shea has a bit of a cold so she stayed home with mommy.  I was just looking back at the videos of the girls from ballet & I die each time I watch them.  I just can’t stop smiling & giggling when I watch them.  Katie has great form and my little Shea is just too darn cute.  My heart is so filled with these two!  I know I am partial but isn’t that we parents do??? 

We had my nephews birthday party on last Saturday after the move and then Kacey & I were invited to go to the Yankees game on Sunday.  His cousin Jesse had tickets for a luxury box suite and we were lucky enough (or loved enough) to be asked to go.  It was a much needed day out for the two of us.  It’s been a while.  We had a great time & some renewed bonding time for us.  It felt good!!  We hung out at one of our old (single days) stomping grounds… Stan’s Sports Bar where I ended up making friends with a few from the UK.  Plus I met lots of UT fans & a group from Houston that was there celebrating a 40th birthday!  A great day!  Funny story is that all of the places that Kacey would frequently go prior to us meeting were all the same places I also hung out….we never crossed paths.    


Besides the storm we’ve had the best weather possible.   It has been in the mid to upper 70s during the day.  The evenings/nights have been perfect to just leave windows open.  Oh and it just makes me realize it truly is football season.  Go Giants!!  We are a Giants household, but when we get together with Kacey's family it is a split...we have a few Jets fans.  We still love them and we endure the green shirts.  Kacey's brother & girls and Kacey's dad are the culprits.  The twins LOVE to harass all of us.  We always get phone calls on gameday.  Anyway back to the amazing weather it has also allowed for some great weather for the guys working on the house since right now it is all outside.  The house is coming along quickly.  The garage had the drain dug and the new front wall put in.  The rubber wall guys came out and put the water proof rubber wall on the front foundation wall, and the foundation floor was poured.  This means that the framers will be starting to frame & we should have a roof on around the first or second week in October.  I need to finalize my pick for our front door, we will be ordering windows in the next day or two and then I need to get busy on everything else I need to pick out!

I spoke with the guys that we are looking at to build our cabinets.  They are just spectacular people to work with.  They have just been amazing & since I have no idea about so much of this kinda of stuff they’ve been so very accommodating on explaining details to me.  I can’t wait to see what plan details the cabinet guy has in mind.   It’s all so exciting. 

So to say we’ve been busy is an understatement.  I seem to reflect a lot but time seems to be moving quickly.  I know February is going to be here before we know it & we will be making our move.  I try & relax and take in as much as I can but oh there's so much to do and so much to see.  I don't do well sitting still. 
I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Peace, love & happiness!!!


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