My eyes...

I really couldn't believe my eyes this afternoon.  I had stopped by the house this morning after dropping Katie at school.  I just wanted to take a quick look at the slab on the garage...which looked amazing.  I chatted with our mason guys for a minute and then had to run some errands prior to meeting Dave & the window guy.  We lifted the slab up a little so you won't bottom out now when & if you have the back of our cars loaded with quick crete or tiles :)  It happened to me twice during renovations at which point I had the trailer hitch on and when I backed in all I heard was nails on a chalk board.....yeah scared me sh..less.  yes I am sure you get the point.  Now I have a nice flat garage. 

I went back to the house at 1:00 pm to find this. 

Oh my gosh it is the little things in life that make me smile with giddiness right now.  I just couldn't believe my eyes...wasn't expecting it so to see it made my little heart skip. 
I met with Dave & the window guy during this visit.  All windows and sliding doors have been ordered & we should be getting them delivered in 4 weeks. OH MY! 
The other day when I was at the house I noticed something different.  It just seemed more open space.  I looked around & realized that our neighbors (the ones that called in the fire) took one of their trees down.  It gives us a complete open view to the river.  They have a pool & I think when we took our trees down it gave them more sun over the pool so with them taking that tree down it benefits both of us.  I just smiled because I thought it was thoughtful of them to be giving us such a great view.  They really are nice people and I feel blessed to have them as our neighbors. 
Have a great day all...

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