Out with the Old, In with the New

Not that I wanted to “out with the Old and In with the New”, but given this situation I was given much of a choice.  I’ve come to realize in life some things are just not in your control.  I try to handle it with grace & dignity which isn’t always easy. 

This particular day was hard & a stomach turning roller coaster of a ride.  I know that “in with the new” is really going to be amazing once I look back in the next year.  I am looking forward to the bigger & better things.  I tried my hardest to stay strong..I only cried a few times, but the stomach took many turns, dips & dives throughout the day.

When we pulled up to the house & I first saw the excavator & dumpster my heart pounded, skipped a beat here & there and my stomach flipped flops it’s never flipped flopped before.  I knew this day had to come & honestly the sooner the better.  But in all honesty I wasn’t prepared.  It’s like when you lose someone you love & you weren’t expecting it and the day comes to put them to rest.  Your mind just hasn’t caught up to the process yet. 

I tried to distance myself from everyone around so I could take pictures & just have my moment of silence.  The first slap the excavator claw took to the house I just wanted to bury myself.  It was the most bittersweet moment I’ve felt to date.  What a crazy feeling!!!  There was no going back and really this is what I was thinking.  No going back happened June 15, 2012 the house was beyond any repair that morning. 

I felt part of the day move in slow motion & other parts went quickly.  It was hot & a threat of rain lingered but never showed up.  There were so many ups & downs throughout the day.  Kacey & I went to lunch just the two of us.  It was nice & we haven’t done that in a very long time.  We went to Annarella’s on the Green.  This is the restaurant right across & up the hill from our house that sits on the golf course.  It is beautiful & peaceful there…just what we needed.  The owners went through what we are going through last September (but they just now was able to demo their house..lots going on for them & I pray for them daily).  This was the first time we’ve been in there since the fire.  Anna was so nice, compassionate, caring, etc.  She provided us lunch on her & told us anytime to come in & eat that it is on her & if there is anything they could do they were willing & able.  My heart filled up with joy & appreciation!! 

There was a foundation wall we had been watching throughout the morning.  It had a bow in it & I started taking pictures of it early.  By the time we came back from lunch it was far worse. We ended up with that foundation wall collapsing & all I can say is thank GOD I was standing were I was to yell out that it was coming down.  We have had angels surrounding us & someone that loves us very much watching over us. 

The house has completely been removed.  I am very thankful for the guys that have been working with us.  They have known Kacey since he was just a teenager & the compassion that they have shown is appreciated.  Kacey’s business is busy (thankfully) and so much of the process is on my shoulders.  I don’t want to let my husband down so I must remain strong & intact.  I have a ton of confidence that the group we have will continue to guide me & explain every inch of this rebuild to me with kindness & professionalism (because I will be asking dumb questions along the way J ). 

We are almost done with the plans which means we can soon submit for our building permits.  I am excited & I am starting to fall in love with what lies ahead.  This was out of my control & a love I have been forced into. 

Soon there will be pictures that will show the new…

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