A little bit of nothing and a lot of everything

My house is a wreck.  I still have not unpacked one thing from vacation.  I have a pile of papers and mail on my desk to be sorted.  I am a stay at home mom how is it that 24 hours in a day is nowhere enough time to accomplish the tasks I have.  I have spent very minimal time at home.  My days have been filled with running around the entire Hudson Valley.  I was up & out first thing this morning as well.  I have spiral notebook filled with a to do list as long as I am.  I still have school supply shopping to do.  We have a full weekend with several birthday parties to attend.  Oh that reminds me I have a few presents to purchase. 

I did lie in bed last night to watch The Hunger Games….again!  I love that movie.  I have final plans stamped and ready to be submitted to the building department for the permit.  We are going tomorrow.  I can’t believe we are already at this stage.  Once we have the permit in hand it is go time!  I am still struggling with this whole build thing.  I don’t do well at all being forced into something I don’t want to do….and I NEVER wanted to build a house.  It just was never anything that appealed to me.  I like old homes.  But I love our piece of land.  It is beautiful, peaceful & lots of it for the town we are in. 

Our architect invited us to come out to his house to play around with this awesome program he has.  You can set the house up with the type of outside materials including the colors.  It also allows you to put your color swatches on the wall to view your walls, windows, flooring, kitchen cabinets, etc.  I am a visual person but wow..just wow.  I will be able to see it before we actually do it.  I wish I had this program…well maybe not.  I am not sure I’d ever leave my computer plus I don’t need any more distractions as it is. 

My parents are doing well.  Mom had a doctor appointment yesterday and I think we made some great progress.  I think there were some realizations that she just wasn’t facing.  I am so very lucky to have them here with us.  I am thankful life for them can now become more relaxed.  We are hopeful that an apartment will open soon at the over 55 complex.  It is perfect for them – people their age, bingo games, poker games, ice cream & coffee socials, movie nights, etc.  They are still active and enjoy being around other people and this place provides so much for them.  It is literally 2 minutes around the corner from the “new” house.

I just need life to slow down a bit….  Before I know it winter will be here.  I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!

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