July Farmhouse Family

Have you heard of Carolina Farmhouse? No…well you should take the time to read this blog.  Back in May I had started searching for a kitchen island.  We would be redoing the kitchen and ripping out a bar to open up the kitchen to the dining room.  Being that the kitchen, dining room & living room would be a very open concept, I wanted an island that had character & not a manufactured island.  So I set out to search for unique kitchen islands when I found one I loved.  Unfortunately the island was on a blog & the owner of the blog had it built.  My mission was to find someone to build one like it but to make a few changes to make it one of a kind.  I stumbled upon Carolina Farmhouse via Etsy.  I was looking at a kitchen table they built & instantly fell in love.  I went to their website and OH.MY.GOSH!!  I looked around & found that they are a family owned business that takes pride in making furniture for families to make memories around. 

I contacted them & sent a few pictures.  Dan Utt the operations manager contacted me almost immediately. We discussed via email what I wanted & the price.  I felt the compassion from Dan that he has for the business.  We were not quite ready to begin the kitchen renovations.  We needed to wrap up the bathrooms & bedrooms and then get moved in.  We were going to get my parents moved up & settled before beginning that process. 

Devastation struck & our house burnt.  I was actually a little nervous to let Dan know that I still wanted my island but we had a setback.  But, I knew I wanted them to build it along with several other pieces of furniture.  Finally I started slowly sending out emails to different people/businesses we had & would have been working with to let them know.  I had emailed Dan (the other businesses) on Saturday thinking I had until Monday to confront replies from everyone.  Within a couple of hours I had received an email from Dan.  I was in Target doing some shopping for things we needed.  I burst into tears when I read his email.  This wasn’t the first set of tears I had shed in Target, but this time they were a different set of tears….

You see Dan was not just emailing back to say how sorry he was but they wanted to make us the July Farmhouse Family.  What does this mean??  They want to make our dining room table & bench to give to us.  How amazing is this?  We feel so very honored.  I still get teary eyed when I think how generous this small family owned business is.  We are the JULY FARMHOUSE FAMILY…wow!!

I am also having them build my china cabinet, console table & island.  I simply can’t wait to make memories with my family & friends around each piece of hand crafted furniture from this special business. 

Check out their website at http://carolinafarmhouse.com/.  They have been on Extreme Makeover & they have featured different Farmhouse Families.  Please note that I wrote this blog to tell my story of just how grateful I am.  I wanted everyone know that there are some truly wonderful people out there that want to just give back.  Carolina Farmhouse did not ask me to tell my story, I asked them if I could tell it & spread the word of their act of kindness.  I have told so many different people and they just smile…it’s such a great feel good story that helps push us to move forward in this crazy time!!  I believe in this business & I only hope they become as successful as they’d like. 

Thank you Carolina Farmhouse –

The Fern Family!!


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