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Throughout the last month I’ve witnessed some of the best of the best random act of kindness.  It’s been a humbling experience to say the very least.  Neither of us is very good at accepting things for free from anyone including friends & family or from complete strangers at that.  But, when devastation strikes people want to help.  Our group of friends & family is pretty damn awesome when it comes to stepping it up for one of their own…absolutely unbelievably amazing.  I can’t express how thankful & blessed I feel to have the group of friends & the family we have.  Each & every one of them in their own way has made sure we have felt the love, support, care, etc constantly.  There is just an unbelievable abundance of everything we could possibly ever need or want.  

I met our neighbor yesterday.  She is my mom’s primary doctor.  I had wanted mom to see her even before this because I had heard so many great things about her.  Well they were right!!! She’s truly a remarkable person & doctor.  The compassion shows through her eyes!  I let the appointment wrap up.  I had told mom that I wanted to get through the appointment to focus on her & what needs to be accomplished to get mom on a healthy track.  Towards the end of the appointment I felt my heart pound & my stomach started feeling sick.  My palms were sweating bullets.  I was heading into a full panic attack.  I knew I had to face this fear & introduce myself.  She went through what needs to happen now, what we need to have scheduled in the next few weeks & what we will go over at the next appointment.  We were at the end when she asked if there was anything else we needed to discuss. I just blurted out YES before my mind could catch up to my mouth.  I then said I just want to thank you.  She said “oh you are very welcome, it was my pleasure”.  I said no you see I want to thank you for calling in our fire.  I felt the burn in my eyes…my fear of crying was unstoppable.  She pulled out her phone.  And, we talked for a few minutes.  She then asked if I’d like to see a picture.  I was not prepared for what I saw.  I am still not prepared.  It is truly one of the most gut wrenching things my eyes have seen. The picture was taken around 1:55 am.  Her husband called the fire in at 1:54 am, and the fire chief & another firefighter got there at 2:00 am.  The chief was worried someone was in the house & they tried to go in the front door.  The front door is were the fire is roaring out to the left of the garage.  Seeing this picture makes more thankful we were not there...not sure if we would've made it out. I am also very thankful that there was no wind that morning seeing that we are surrounded by pine trees that are in between our house & theirs.  Their house is a wood house.  So much to be thankful for.  She agreed that I should go see someone & gave me a number to someone she recommends.  I am happy to have my mom seeing her…I know with every single piece of fiber in my body she will take care of her.  Her last words to us when we left “we are going to see you get through this”!

Today I conquered another fear of going to see the man we purchased the house from.  This man is such a kind man with a heart of gold.  He went through an extremely hard time over the last 2 years.  His story is heartbreaking but I believe in karma & what comes around goes around (he’s gonna have some pretty amazing things come his way..I know it)!! He put so much into this house & worked hard to do that.  I walked in where he works & waited…when I saw him my heart sank. He hugged me & we both cried. I felt a BIG weight lifted as we talked.  It was hard & I was in another full blown panic attack as I stood waiting for him.  As I left I cried because I felt the compassion & sorrow he felt for my family & I.  This was the home that he had raised his kids in, the house that we stood in the kitchen talking about renovations…he saw my excitement in my face that he had felt about that same very house.  

Life is hard sometimes and throws us some pretty amazing curve balls and takes us on journeys that we are not always prepared for, or for that matter think we are strong enough to handle.  I believe there is something big in store for us; there is a reason why this has happened.  We may never know what it is or why, but one thing I know for certain is I believe without a doubt this has & will continue to bring people in our lives that otherwise would not be in it.  I truly believe it has brought some very meaningful friendships/relationships closer & brought acquaintances to a friendship level. I believe there are people that come in & out of our lives for reasons…I just hope my eyes, mind & heart remains open to see the things that are meant to be.   

Our family & friends (& acquaintances) deserve to know you are appreciated & loved! We thank you from the very bottom of our hearts…without each of you we would not be getting through this with the grace we are carrying. 

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