A new day

The last few days have been tough.  My mom has some health issues that have set her back & will delay them moving up here a couple of weeks.  Enough of a scare that has had me worried sick.  Please keep her in thoughts & prayers. 

I spent the entire day Tuesday shopping with Katie while Shea was in daycare.  We had a lot of fun.  We found lots of great clothes for the girls.  By the end of the day we were both worn out.

I've stopped by the house a couple of times.  I am not sure why because it brings such pain when I do.  I know that one day I will look back & the green house as Katie calls it will be a distant memory.  The gentleman that sold it to us was amazing.  He took such great care & put so much love into the home...you could feel it when you walked in. 

I've several posts coming with really neat & fun news.  I want to do a post with information on the fire itself.  It's important because I think there is something to be learned.  I also have a feel good story about us being chosen for something very special.

Something I've learned is that I had way too many clothes, shoes, handbags & things in general.  I know I like to shop but wow.  I am slightly embarrassed that I have to inventory all of it to our insurance. 

Enjoy the day & remember life is short & unpredictable so love with all your heart!

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